Tentatively scheduled for release in the summer of 2017, the DFCF's new travel guide consisting of four volumes will present detailed information about the filming locations of "Falcon Crest".
Not only the major locations, such as Spring Mountain Vineyard and Stags' Leap Winery, will be covered, but many more filming sites.
The publication will not be a mere illustrated listing of locations, but a real travel guide with advice for routing, overviews of opening hours, recommendations for the best photo spots and much more.
The new travel guide will be published in four volumes - you can choose from full color, double-sided printed books in A 5 format (coil binding) or e-books (*.pdf).
Volume 1 presents the filming locations in Northern California's Wine Country, the Napa and Sonoma Valleys. Volume 2 features San Francisco and its surroundings. Volume 3 covers filming sites in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Volume 4 is an insightful presentation of both movie studios used for "Falcon Crest": Warner Bros. Studios and CBS Studio Center; historic documentation of both studios will be included also. The volume about the studios will also present Lorimar's art department's original floor plans of some of the major interior sets.
Due to the many locations, a separate, supplementary index booklet will provide you with indices of place names. The first index primarily lists the real-life names of the filming locations with the corresponding settings; the second index is a reverse listing. That way, you can easily identify the places in both directions. Both indices will refer you to the chapters in the four volumes where you can find all the details about the locations.
More information (number of pages, prices and how to order) will be announced in the near future.
The current drafts of the volumes contain the following numbers of pages:
- Volume I: approx. 140 pages
- Volume II: approx. 60 pages
- Volume III: approx. 180 pages
- Volume IV: approx. 100 pages
- Index (supplementary booklet): approx. 30 pages
A sample of a page from the travel guide is here.
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