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Connections between "Falcon Crest" and Other Productions
(revised 07/12/2021)
"Falcon Crest" was sometimes referenced on other shows and in popular culture. The following overview is structured by titles in alphabetical order.
For theatrical releases, the following overiew lists the release dates in the country of origin and, if different, the first release.

  • "200 American":
    In the comedy movie "200 American", "Falcon Crest" is mentioned in dialog. Release date (USA): 08/10/2003.
    Quotes from the movie:
    Two men and two young women are stuck in an elevator in New York City. The two men discuss their visit at Central Park to see a speech of the Dalai Lama: "We were there to see the Dalai Lama. 40,000 people there to listen to a speech about peace and love. And you're kicking some woman because she wouldn't move her blanket?"
    Suddenly, one of the women asks: "Dalai Lama spoke at Central Park?" - "Yes." - "Let me tell you, I loved him on 'Falcon Crest'."
    The other woman reacts: "Girl, you're so stupid! That's Lorenzo Lamas. Dalai Lama his grandfather."
  • "30 Rock":
    In this sitcom, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog by a character named Liz in the episode "Goodbye, My Friend" (# 049 <3.13>; original U.S. airdate: 10/11/2006, NBC).
    Quote from the episode:
    Liz: "When I was your age, you could just be like: 'Oh, he probably tried to call me but my line was busy.' And then just watch 'Falcon Crest' and cry yourself to sleep."
  • "Bajarse al Moro"
    (U.S. title: "Going down in Morocco")
    In this comedy feature from Spain, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog by a character named Elena. Theatrical release dates: 04/11/1989 (Barcelona); 05/05/1989 (rest of Spain).
  • "Balul elsült bármicvó"
    (international title: "Glow Ropes: The Rise and Fall of a Bar Mitzvah Emcee")
    In this comedy feature from Hungary, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog. Theatrical release date: 07/30/2008 (Hungary).
  • "Boy":
    In this comedy-drama feature from New Zealand, Boy (the title rôle) has sibling friends who are named "Dallas", "Dynasty" and "Falcon Crest". Theatrical release dates: 01/22/2010 (USA); 03/25/2010 (New Zealand).
  • "Breast Men":
    In this comedy feature, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog. Theatrical release date: 12/13/1997 (USA).
  • "Bridget & Eamon":
    In this Irish comedy series, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog in the episode "The Trócaire Box" (# 001 <1.01>; original Irish airdate: 02/01/2016, RTÉ).
  • "Buffy the Vampire Slayer":
    In this fantasy action series, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog in the episode "Dirty Girls" (# 140 <7.18>; original U.S. airdate: 04/15/2003, UPN).
    Quotes from the episode:
    Buffy: "Looks like an old vineyard."
    Kennedy: "An evil vineyard, huh."
    Spike: "Like 'Falcon Crest'..."
  • "Caro Diario"
    (U.S. title: "Dear Diary")
    In this movie from Italy, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog. Theatrical release dates: 11/12/1993 (Italy); 09/26/1994 (USA).
  • "Charlie Wilson's War":
    In this dramatic movie, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog by a character named Crystal Lee when another character, Paul Brown, discusses his TV show idea. Theatrical release date: 12/10/2007 (USA).
    It is a striking anachronism: The scene is supposed to take place on April 6, 1980 according to the superimposed information in the film - a point of time when "Falcon Crest" did not exist.
  • "Cold Case":
    In this crime drama, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in the episode "Breaking News" (# 124 <6.13>; original U.S. airdate: 01/11/2009, CBS) on the victim's news improvisation during the first scene.
  • "Designing Women":
    In this comedy series, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog in the following episodes:
    • "Second Time around" (# 036 <2.14>; original U.S. airdate: 01/11/1988, CBS);

    • "There's Some Black People Coming to Dinner" (# 038 <2.16>; original U.S. airdate: 01/25/1988, CBS).

  • "Esta Noche Contigo":
    In this comedy feature from Spain, released on video in 1988, "Falcon Crest" character Angela Channing was mentioned in dialog.
  • "Falcon Tres" by Euskaltel:
    Euskaltel, S.A. is a Spanish telecommunications company based in Basque Country. Since "Falcon Crest" has the reputation to be the most successful television production ever featured on Spanish TV, references to the series and its characters are still quite common in everyday life in Spain, whether it be satirical comments, political comparisons, etc.
    In the 2000's, Euskaltel commissioned director MIQUEL ALCARRIA to create and film parodies relating to the characters of "Falcon Crest" in order to promote their cell phone family plan.
    MIQUEL ALCARRIA produced two segments entitled "Falcon Tres", which were used as commercials on Spanish television, including a short scene with characters calling each other on their cells and an incredible parody-like remake of the season 1 main title.
  • "Family Guy":
    In this animated sitcom, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog by a character named Brian in the episode "And Then There Were Fewer" (# 148 <9.01>; original U.S. airdate: 09/26/2010, Fox):
    Stewie is singing the "Dynasty" theme music (with his own lyrics) and asks Brian to guess which show's theme it is. Brian replies: "Falcon Crest?"
  • "Fresno":
    This 5-part mini-series origially broadcast by CBS between 11/16 and 11/20/1986 was a comedy that parodied prime time soap operas of the time, including "Falcon Crest", "Dallas" and "Dynasty". The primary focus, however, was actually "Falcon Crest" because the storyline of "Fresno" revolved around the ruthless battle for domination of the Fresno raisin industry between the Kensington family and their neighbor and bitter rival, Tyler Cane. Like on "Falcon Crest", both parties try to acquire the crucial water rights that will make or break their business. CAROL BURNETT was cast as the Angela-like matriarch of the Kensington family. Among other rôles was a mysterious drifter named Torch, who was - ironically enough - played by GREGORY HARRISON, who would later actually end up on the cast of "Falcon Crest"; perpetually shirtless, the character was an obvious allusion to LORENZO LAMAS' Lance Cumson.
  • "Glow":
    In the episode "Hollywood Homecoming" (# 27 <# 3.07>; original U.S. release: 08/09/2019, Netflix) of this dramedy set in 1980's Los Angeles, a character named Birdie mentions "Falcon Crest": "Oh, sit down, you're embarrassing yourself. We're not on 'Falcon Crest'!"
  • "Grace and Frankie":
    In the episode "The Lockdown" (# 047 <# 4.08>; original U.S. release: 01/19/2018, Netflix) of this sitcom, a character named Jo talks to her boyfriend, Oliver.
    It seems even funnier when you realize that season 1 of "Grace and Frankie" was produced by JEFF FREILICH, who was the executive producer for seasons 6 and 7 of "Falcon Crest".
    Quotes from the episode:
    Jo: "Honey, if I got upset someone told me you were gay, I'd be upset a lot." To Frankie: "My mother thought he was gay."
    Oliver: "That's just because she and I watched a 'Falcon Crest' marathon together."
    Frankie: "If loving 'Falcon Crest' is gay, I am Rip Taylor and both Indigo Girls."
  • "Joy":
    In this dramatic movie, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog. Theatrical release date: 12/13/2015 (USA).
  • "Mama's Family":
    In this comedy series from LORIMAR, the Mama character tells her cousin that she sounds like JANE WYMAN from "Falcon Crest" in the episode "Mama's Cousin" (# 055 <3.20>; original U.S. airdate: 02/21/1987, syndicated).
  • "Mixed-ish":
    In this comedy series, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog in "Weird Science" (# 08 <1.08>; original U.S. airdate: 11/08/2019, ABC).
    Quotes from the show:
    Harrison: "Well, for one thing, the arbitrator doesn't need to hear everything that happened on 'Falcon Crest'!"
    Paul: "She doesn't watch 'Falcon Crest'. She's a 'Dynasty' girl."
  • "Modern Family":
    In this comedy series, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog by a character named Claire, who said she watched it when she was younger, in the pilot (# 001 <1.01>; original U.S. airdate: 09/23/2009, ABC).
    Quote from the show:
    Claire: "I, uh, have seen this little show before - lying on the bed with a tall senior. One minute you're just friends, watching 'Falcon Crest', and the next you're lying underneath the air hockey table with your bra in your pocket!"
  • "Mom":
    In this sitcom, a character named Bonnie says that she only has videotapes of "Falcon Crest" when she brings the TV with video recorder for two other characters, Natasha and Emily, in the episode "A Seafaring Ancestor and a Bloomin' Oninon" (# 091 <5.03>; original U.S. airdate: 11/16/2017, CBS).
  • "Muchachada nui":
    In this animated comedy series from Spain, some characters were humming the "Falcon Crest" theme during the segment "Pitita Ridruejo Presenta Muchachada Nuí" (# 036 <3.10>; original Spanish airdate: 04/22/2009, La 2).
  • "No, No, No" by HOMBRES G:
    The Spanish music band HOMBRES G referred to "Falcon Crest" in its 1987 song "No, No, No". Only relevant lyrics are cited:
    "Por eso no, no no, no te quiero ver.
    Prefiero quedarme en casa viendo Falcon Crest.
    Decias que no salias, porque tenias un examen.
    Y te veia con otro eres mucho peor
    Que Angela Channing!"
    [English translation]
    "That's why no, no, no, I don't want to see you.
    I'd rather stay home watching Falcon Crest.
    You said you didn't go out because you had an exam.
    And I saw you with someone else, you are much worse
    Than Angela Channing!"
  • "On the Waterfront":
    This Saturday morning children's variety show from the U.K. featured stand-up comedy, sketches, musical guests, cartoons, games and serials as well as a re-dubbed version of "The Flashing Blade", a French TV serial originally entitled "Le Chevalier Tempête" from the late 1960's. "Falcon Crest" was mentioned during the re-dubbed version of "The Flashing Blade" in # 029 <3.05>; original airdate: 09/01/1989, BBC.
  • "Outrageous Fortune":
    In this crime dramedy from New Zealand, a character named Kasey mentioned she had known the exact wedding she had wanted since she had been nine and watching "Falcon Crest" in the episode "A Jig or a Tale of Bawdry" (# 046 <3.16>; original New Zealand airdate: 10/30/2007, TV 3).
  • "Pose":
    In this drama series set in the world of 1987, a character named Pray Tell says in "Access" (# 02 <1.02>; original U.S. airdate: 06/10/2018, FX): "Children, I repeat - the category is 'Dynasty', not goddamn 'Falcon Crest'! We don't need no spinoffs up in this bitch!".
  • "¿Quién me ha robado el mes de abril?" by JOAQUÍN SABINA:
    The Spanish singer JOAQUÍN SABINA referred to "Falcon Crest" in his 1988 song "¿Quién me ha robado el mes de abril?" ("Who Has Stolen the Month of April from Me?"). Only relevant lyrics are cited:
    "El marido de mi madre
    En el último tren se marchó
    Con una peluquera
    Veinte años menor
    Y cuando exhiben esas risas
    De instamatic en París
    Derrotada en el sillón
    Se marchita viendo 'Falcon Crest'
    Mi vieja, y piensa,
    Quién me ha robado el mes de abril..."
    [English translation]
    "My mother's husband
    left her on the last train
    with a hairdresser
    twenty years younger than him,
    and when they exhibit those laughs
    in Paris on Instamatic,
    my old Mother, defeated and miserable,
    watches 'Falcon Crest' in her chair
    and only thinks:
    Who has stolen me the month of April? ..."
  • "Red Oaks":
    In this American web comedy series, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog by a character named Getty in the episode "Doubles" (# 002 <# 1.02>; original U.S. airdate: 10/09/2015, Internet - amazon.com).
  • "Şahin Tepesi" ("Falcon Crest"):
    This Turkish drama series, which was co-produced by WARNER BROS., was centered about the impossible love of the young people from two hostile families. The original airdate of this 6-part series was between 11/23/2018 and 12/28/2018 on ATV in Turkey.
    It is loosely based on the early parts of the original "Falcon Crest" series and more of an adaption rather than a remake.
    The original "Falcon Crest" series was already called "Şahin Tepesi" in Turkey, so WARNER BROS. decided to use the "Şahin Tepesi" title for the new 2018 drama series to capitalize on the success of the name. As an odd result, all English-speaking promotional materials for the new show referred to the production as "Falcon Crest".
    The new series was created by MELEK GENÇOĞLU. The opening credits listed EARL HAMNER under "proje tasarım" (Turkish for "project design"), which is a rather odd credit for a position that would have to read correctly as "Based on Characters Created by..." or "Based on the 'Falcon Crest' Series Created by...". In the end credits, however, EARL was credited again: "Format Created by EARL HAMNER"; the writing staff for # 001 through 012 of the original "Falcon Crest" series was given credit in the end titles under "Falcon Crest (US) Written by..." (interestingly enough, both credits written in English in the Turkish production). Also, the end credits stated in English language: "'Şahin Tepesi' is based on 'Falcon Crest' format licensed by WARNER BROS. INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION PRODUCTION LIMITED."
  • "Taboo American Style 1: The Ruthless Beginning":
    "Falcon Crest" is mentioned in this drama (original U.S. release 1985).
  • "The End of the Tour":
    "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in this biographical movie. Theatrical release date: 01/23/2015 (USA).
  • "The Goldbergs":
    This comedy series set in a Pennsylvania town in the 1980's, following the lives of a family named Goldberg, has a lot of references to popular culture. "Falcon Crest" was briefly mentioned in dialog in the episode "Fonzie Scheme" (# 092 <4.21>; original U.S. airdate: 04/26/2017, ABC).
    Quote from the episode:
    Wendy: "No one uses one ply, Murray, no one! A person needs at least two plies!"
    Murray: "What is this, 'Falcon Crest'?"
  • "The Golden Girls" :
    In this sitcom, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog in the following episodes:
    • "In a Bed of Rose's" (# 015 <1.15); original U.S. airdate: 01/10/1986, NBC) -
      quotes from the episode:
      Rose: "I never had to do this before. Tell a wife that her husband has been cheating on her with me. That's the hardest thing I ever had to tell anybody."
      Blanche: "Oh, no. It's not! How about having to tell a pregnant woman her husband has been cheating on her? With her own sister. And you're the sister. And you're pregnant, too. By her husband."
      Dorothy: "You didn't!"
      Blanche: "Not me! Last night on 'Dallas'. Or 'Dynasty', or 'Falcon's Landing'! Or one of those, they're all the same."

    • "Dorothy's Prized Pupil" (# 046 <2.21>; original U.S. airdate: 03/14/1987, NBC) -
      quotes from the episode:
      Rose: "Hi, Sophia."
      Sophia: "Hi, Rose."
      Rose: "You're all dressed up. Where are you going?"
      Sophia: "The President is in town. A bunch of us are going to his hotel to see his wife. I just loved her in 'Father Knows Best'."
      Rose: "Sophia, you're a little confused, honey. That was Jane Wyatt. The President was married to Jane Wyman!"
      Sophia: "That old crow from 'Falcon Crest'?"
      Rose: "Well, it doesn't matter. They are not married anymore. Now he is married to Nancy Davis."
      Sophia: "From 'All about Eve'?"
      Rose: "No. That's Bette Davis."

  • "The Hot Zone":
    In the episode "Arrival" (# 1; original U.S. airdate: 05/27/2019, National Geographic) of this drama mini-series, a character named Nancy says: "Tammy's mom believes 'Falcon Crest' is a real place!"
  • "The Real Blonde":
    In this American comedy, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog. Theatrical release dates: 09/14/1997 (France); 02/27/1998 (USA).
  • "The Simpsons":
    In this American animated sitcom, "Falcon Crest" was referenced in dialog by the character Vivienne St. Charmaine in the episode "Podcast News" (# 690 <# 32.06>; original U.S. airdate: 11/15/2020, Fox).
    Vivienne is an actress and says she is best known for starring on the soap drama "Falcon Landing", an obvious mashup of "Falcon Crest" and "Knots Landing".
  • "Veep":
    In the episode "Kiss Your Sister" (# 047 <# 5.09>; original U.S. airdate: 06/19/2016, HBO) of this dramedy, a character named Gary says "Wow! Three generations of Meyer women... It's like the best episode of 'Falcon Crest' ever!".
  • "Vicious Fun":
    In this Canadian horror movie, which is set in the 1980's, "Falcon Crest" is referenced twice in dialog. Theatrical release date: 10/08/2020 (Spain).