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# 226 <9.21> Danny's Song
(revised 09/17/2018)
Michael Sharpe lists a few Eastern Bloc countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Albania and - strangely enough - Transylvania. - Since Transylvania is not a country, but only a region in Romania, the big question is if Michael Sharpe or the script writers of this episode are geographically incompetent.
Deleted scene: At the Del Oro Spa Restaurant bar, Richard drowns his anger about Danny being his son in a glass of milk. A cocktail waitress (played by TAYLOR LEIGH) is trying to talk him into having something stronger like vodka, gin, whiskey or... spending the night with her. But he leaves all by himself. This scene was removed before the show went on the air.
The southern entrance of the CBS-MTM administration building poses as Sharpe Plaza. Contrary to # 222, the sign with the company name, Sharpe Capital Ventures, is nowhere to be seen this time.
LORIMAR's original map of this part of the studio lot is available for DFCF members in the Show - Production Office - Filming Locations - Movie Studios - Exterior Sets section.
Whereas the Sharpe Plaza is portrayed by the CBS-MTM administration building, the scenes featuring Danny threatening to jump off the office building are filmed on the roof of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Long Beach. - An embarrassing mistake: The Queen Mary, a cruise liner which was turned into a hotel and has been docked in Long Beach since 1969, can be seen in the background (see mark) - although the city is supposed to resemble San Francisco or Sausalito on the show... The silliest choice of filming location ever!
Real life allusion: Sharpe mentions the Betty Ford Center, the alcohol treatment center and drug rehabilitation clinic. - Inside joke: It is an open secret that GREGORY HARRISON underwent a cocaine withdrawal treatment there in 1987.

A stunt double replaces DAVID SHEINKOPF in the particularly dangerous scenes on the ledge of the roof of Sharpe Capital Ventures.

License plate number of the second police patrol car arriving at the Sharpe Capital Ventures building: 8933150.
The shoulder patch on the uniform of Lieutenant Thayne from the fire department reads "Marina Cities Fire Department" along with a stylized Golden Gate Bridge. - One more hint Sharpe's office is somewhere around the San Francisco Bay; but it is still not made clear if in San Francisco, Sausalito or maybe even in Oakland.
Another horribly bad script: It is completely strange Lieutenant Thayne does not seem to know Richard Channing although he is such a prominent figure.
Real life allusion: Sharpe mentions JOHN WAYNE.
Season time frame:
A few days or weeks might have gone by before the plot of this episode begins.
The hints about Danny's age become more and more confusing (also compare # 222). On day 1, Danny speaks of "19 years" as his whole life. On day 2, however, he speaks of a "blood test 20 years ago" - # 224 revealed that test was done after Danny was born.

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