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# 224 <9.19> Crimes of the Past
(revised 09/17/2018)
Tentative title: Crimes.
This is the first of the four final episodes after the unusual hiatus (compare # 223). This episode, however, was entirely filmed before the hiatus.
The show now airs in a new timeslot, Thursdays at 9:00 PM.
The later the season, the more laughable the episodes become. There are not even old establishing clips of the famous locations put between the scenes anymore.
Season time frame:
This episode opens one day after Lance and Pilar got a hold of Sacco (i.e. since the end of # 223).
Since Richard was imprisoned, approximately six months have gone by - this seems to be a rough estimation considering Angela was said to have been in a coma for about half a year in # 222.
Strange: Danny's hair has grown quite fast after the operation.
Allusion to the movie industry: The confrontation between Richard and Sharpe in his office reminds Sharpe of a remake of the movie "High Noon" starring GARY COOPER.
Different camera angles: The camera angle during Richard's dialog in the scene with Sharpe in his office in the current episode is different from the one in the sneak preview featured at the end of # 223 - where a wide angle of Richard (left screen grab) was presented.

The filming location for the park in the Tuscany Valley (scene with Lauren and Michael) is east of the lagoon on the CBS-MTM backlot.


The old prop photo of Anne, Danny and Michael is a bad montage; especially GREGORY HARRISON's head appears to be inserted into the photograph.

Once again, new gate pillars on the Falcon Crest grounds - different from the ones in # 207 (compare there) - are featured. - Surprisingly, the prop masters even added the falcon coat of arms to them (see yellow mark - hardly recognizable).
The filming location for this Falcon Crest Driveway near the Winery Building is above the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round in Los Feliz in Greater L.A. The frame on the right screen capture (above) was filmed with the camera facing southeast. Lance and Pilar's rental car (in the foreground on the right) is on the connection between the northers and southern parking lot of the carousel. Behind the divider is the unpaved upper part of the Fire Road.
As Sharpe explains, it is approximately half a mile from the Falcon Crest Winery Building up to the gate (with the white pillars).
Real life allusion: Sharpe mentions magician HARRY HOUDINI.
Sharpe's office is located on the second floor of the Sharpe Capital Ventures building when Richard presses the button in the elevator.
There are ten buttons for nine floors and the parking garage. - Inconsistency: The building shown in # 226 has 16 floors.
Mysterious: How does Sacco get right in front of Sharpe's home? Are there neither any alarm systems nor security guards?
The scene with head nurse Natalie making up Angela's room and saying she left the hospital is shown in the sneak preview at the end of this episode for the next episode. It will also be shown before the main title of # 225 again - contrary to this season's program practice. But it is not featured in any of the regular four acts of the following episode. This indicates the scene was added later when JANE WYMAN let the producers know she wanted to return at very short notice for the three final episodes.
It remains a mystery, however, when this scene exactly takes place in the plot. As it will be revealed in # 225 (day 5), Angela was released more than a week ago, but # 225 apparently opens the day after the finale of # 224, the scene must refer to a certain point of time during # 224 or even before the episode from a chronological standpoint.
Post-production mistake: The final scene in the sneak preview for # 225 (Angela and Sharpe in their limousines) was accidentally flip-flopped in the transfer from film to video. In # 225, however, this scene will be aired properly (compare screen capture).

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