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# 222 <9.17> Vigil
(revised 06/15/2020)
Tentative title: Redemption, Retribution and Revenge.
This episode's final title, Vigil, is almost identical with the one of # 027 and 198 (The Vigil). Using old titles again seems inappropriate, in particular because the tentative title was more creative.
The earliest writer's draft was very different from what the episode finally became. Here is an overview of the most striking differences (in chronological order of the respective scenes):

  • In accordance with the original bible for season 9, Sydney was supposed to stay the whole season. In the final version, however, she was written off without CARLA GUGINO appearing in this episode.
  • Original plans for this episode included a dream sequence as an episode opener: Sydney was supposed to have a nightmare about Danny dying in the operating room while she is one of the nurses during the operation; Sharpe reprimands her for killing his son. When Sydney wakes up in the hospital waiting room, Pilar is there to console her. - The scene was omitted.
  • Sharpe tries to cheer up Lauren in the waiting room at the hospital by bringing her a Mishkin doll their dad had brought them from Russia. - The scene was omitted.
  • Detective Craig from Homicide (San Francisco Police Department) informs Sharpe at the hospital that the brakes were tampered with. The detective later comes to Sydney to the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion (exterior scene on the driveway) to interrogate her. They have a conversation with Lance and Pilar present in the living room in the next scene. - All these scenes were rewritten, the detective abolished and replaced by Officer Kuvic from the Tuscany Valley Police Department speaking with Lance and Pilar about the details of the automobile "accident".
  • Anne Bowen was supposed to appear with her new husband, Gary Mason, a psychiatrist or psychologist curing "Manhattan crazies" (quote from the writers' draft) in New York. The original character description for Anne was "a pretty ANNE ARCHER type"; for Gary "distinguished and professorial, conservatively dressed".
  • To find out more about Danny's "accident", Sydney and Pilar were supposed to lure Nick Massoud, Sharpe's chauffeur, into a van where Lance is waiting. They are very seductive to get him there - obviously the previous scripts must have been written in a way so Nick would not know them. The introduction for Nick's scene was: "Nick, Sharpe's driver / mechanic, is enjoying some inhibited girl watching on his day off. He wears a sleeveless tank top and shorts to show off his good build for the women he's trying to impress. He leans up against a mailbox licking an ice cream cone suggestively and making comments to the women who cross his path. Two teenage girls walk by carrying some shopping bags. Nick whistles. They giggle and quicken their pace." - This description indicates that the writer intended to go for another cheap sex-loaded scene.
  • Later, Sydney uses the statement from Nick about the "accident" to force Sharpe into a meeting with Lance and Pilar. They blackmail him into signing over Falcon Crest. Before he signs, he wants to see Nick. When they enter the wine cellar, they find Nick dead. Sharpe now refuses to sign the deed and threatens Pilar and Lance to let the police know about Nick if they continue trying to blackmail him. The next scene reveals Sharpe paid Chalo for killing Nick.
  • When Danny wakes up after the operation, he is visited by Sharpe and Anne. Sharpe says he will have food brought in for him from a restaurant named Hugo's. - The scene was omitted, and it was only mentioned that Danny would survive in the final version; DAVID SHEINKOPF had no on-screen appearance.
  • Sharpe wants to sleep with Anne in a suite at the Del Oro. When they rediscover their passion for each other, she asks him to sign over Falcon Crest to Richard to make peace: "Then I'll know. Then I'm yours." - These initial plans were completely dropped.
  • Walker was intended to be still alive as Lauren says to Richard, referring to their engagement: "I am not even divorced yet!" - While the season was progressing, the producers decided to skip their initial plans and kill off Walker in # 216.
  • Danny is picked up by Sydney, Pilar and Lance from the hospital so they can take care of him at Falcon Crest.
  • When Anne tells Sharpe she cannot sleep with him although Sharpe offered Richard to sign the deed for Falcon Crest later, he rips her clothes open and rapes her in the back of his limo while Jimmy (his new driver after Nick's death) drives along a country road. After that, Anne confesses Danny is Richard's child. Sharpe wants to strangle her, but Jimmy says rape is one thing, murder another so Sharpe lets her go. He comes to Falcon Crest where Richard just signed the documents that had already been prepared by Sharpe, who now wants to call off the deal, but it is too late because everything has been signed and Falcon Crest is Richard's now.
There is hardly an episode that can be more illogical than this one. The script is such a primitive work that almost any scene is a contradiction to another piece of dialog in this episode, let alone all the contradictions in the show's history.

Product placement: Michael, Kevin and Richard play with a Nintendo Gameboy again.

The original choice for the name of Dr. Lewis was Dr. Mitchell.
This episode marks the final appearance of uncredited extra GEORGE SASAKI as Dr. Fong - this time at the Queen of the Valley Hopsital again.
He was featured on various occasions in previous episodes (compare # 027, 031, 032, 034, 035, 036, 037, 041, 043, 044, 048, 049, 054, 091, 166, 188, 199 and 220). These episodes established him as a doctor by the name Fong, who works at the Tuscany Valley (Memorial) Hospital / Queen of the Valley Hospital (# 026 and others); since he often wears scrubs, he is apparently a surgeon. His sideline job is working as a medical examiner (# 188). According to # 036, he is a member of the Chinese Fong family residing in San Francisco and the Tuscany Valley.
For details about the extra, compare # 026.
Strange: Why should Sydney's car be registered in Danny's name?
The southern entrance of the CBS-MTM administration building is used as the entrance of Sharpe Capital Ventures. - The company sign finally reveals the company name.
LORIMAR's original map of this part of the studio lot is available for DFCF members in the Show - Production Office - Filming Locations - Movie Studios - Exterior Sets section.

Inside joke: An advert with a photo of ANA-ALICIA is on the wall in the hospital waiting area. - It had already been featured in # 162 (see there).


License plate number of Lance's new white 1989 Porsche 911 Speedster convertible: 2MTW473 - the same plate as on Danny's dark gray Mercedes-Benz SEC in # 219. What a prop policy!

The Oyster Bowl Bar in San Francisco is shown; it is the favorite in-scene place of Sharpe's secretary, Connie Johnson.
The original choice of name for Connie Johnson was Mrs. Clark.
The filming location for the Oyster Bowl Bar is what used to be Des Regan's Irish Pub (nowadays Great American Joe's Bar & Grill) in Burbank, CA. In # 197, the interiors of the same location posed as the Roadhouse in Tuscany.
The illuminated Taco Bell sign of the actual fast food place next door is visible in the background.
Inconsistency: Lance meets Connie at the Oyster Bowl Bar under the false name Gerry Gray, pretending to be interested in her. But Connie should know him from previous episodes when he came to Sharpe's office. Or does Lance's muscle shirt make him look so much different from his usual appearance in a tailored suit?
Strange: Why does Genele stay at the Del Oro now? What about the Agretti Residence? Since Frank was imprisoned (# 217), the Agretti Vineyards have obviously been forgotten. No word will ever be mentioned again about who now is the executor of Melissa's estate. - Shame on this staff's crazy work.
Lance looks for Nick Massoud, Sharpe's chauffeur, at the Playtime, a topless dancing bar in San Francisco.
The San Francisco street Lance and Richard drive along shortly before they arrive at the Playtime is actually the corner of Cahuenga Boulevard and Riverside Drive in North Hollywood, CA. In the background, a real store (Vendome Liqours) can be spotted.
The close-up in front of the Playtime and the interiors of the bar are filmed at what used to be the real Playtime (nowadays called Burlesque Girls Girls Girls) on Sherman Way in North Hollywood, CA.
ALAN KOSS, the actor who plays Hank, a guy at the Playtime bar, this episode, also portrayed Detective Brill, an alleged police detective hired by the Thirteen, in season 7.

SHAHRAD VOSSOUGHI is replaced by a stunt double when Richard knocks Nick Massoud out with the door of Lance's car.

Original choices for the name of Anne Bowen in earlier script drafts were Anne Compton (maiden name) and Anne Mason (married name).
Mistake: In the scene with Lauren and Anne in the waiting room at the hospital, Anne's hands are in different positions on / around her coffee cup in subsequent frames (depending on the direction from where the scene is filmed). These close-ups are from various takes that were combined in the editing process.
Check # 001 (Gus in the Gioberti House) for details about this troubled filming technique.

Although Richard still drives his dark gray Jaguar XJ-SC Targa (which he has been having since season 6), the car has a new license plate number. As far as legible, it reads 2EAN936 while the previous one was 2NDI859 (compare # 132). - Negligent prop policy!

Johnny Sacco works in Haley's Garage on 34th Street in San Francisco; his shift usually starts at 6:00 AM. - Later, Lance and Richard, however, are waiting for Sacco in front of a garage called Keith Cline Automotive and say that he works there. - The scripts are getting worse and worse!
The filming location is a real body shop on West Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank, CA - actually next to the location that is used as the Oyster Bowl Bar (see above). The entrance to the body shop is actually on North Rose Street; Lance is waiting in front of that entrance when Richard arrives, coming from West Magnolia. The body shop, which used to be Keith Cline Auomotive in real life, is nowadays called Julian's Automotive.
Johnny Sacco's motorcycle is a blue / white Honda NX 250.
Nick Massoud drives a black 1979 Pontiac Firebird.
The place where Richard and Lance talk to Sacco is filmed on an alley behind the aforementioned body shop and a residential area.
Season time frame:
According to Richard's statement in night 1 of the current episode, Angela's condition has not changed in six months - she has been in the coma since 09/15/1989 (see # 207). So it must be at least around mid-March 1990, which comes rather close to the airdate of this episode.
This leads to the conclusion that there must have been several unseen periods of time since # 218. These unseen days or even weeks most likely went by between # 220 and 221 and during # 221.
It is very strange, however, that Danny said on day 5 of # 221 his 20th "birthday is four months away". This is in contrast to Anne and Lauren mentioning Danny was born in February (1970), which makes the season time frame a complete mystery.
Inconsistency: Danny was obviously taken to a hospital in San Francisco because there is a view of Nob Hill (Mark Hopkins Hotel) from the windows of the waiting room (a photographic projection on the sound stage).
From a conversation between Lance and Richard it can be derived this is the hospital where Angela is. - But in previous episodes, it was obvious that Angela was treated at the Queen of the Valley Hospital. Also # 225 will feature an establishing clip of the QVH before the scene in Angela's room.
Also nurse Natalie - usually at the QVH, where she takes care of Angela - is working at the hospital where Danny is treated in the current episode.
So which hospital is this?!

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