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# 221 <9.16> Walking Money
(revised 09/17/2018)
The establishing shot of the San Francisco Bay Area is a northern aerial view over the Golden Gate Bridge. It is footage taken during the shooting of season 3; this is an earlier part of the same helicopter flight that also delivered the background footage presented on DAVID SELBY's season 6 main title card.
The establishing clip of the Golden Gate Bridge is followed by another establishing shot of Sausalito (Richardson Bay) before the first scene in Sharpe's office. The clip, which is stock footage from a film library, features a southwestern view of Issaquah Dock in the famous houseboat area in Sausalito, CA.
This clip means that Sharpe's office must be located in Sausalito. The fact that only low-rise buildings can be seen through the windows in that office also underlines this conclusion. But where in Sausalito could a 16-storey building (Sharpe's headquarters as seen in # 226) be located?
Mistake: In the scene with Sharpe and Danny in Sharpe's office, Danny's hand is not on the desk in the first frame (filmed towards him); in the next frame, however, it is on the desk (filmed from across). These close-ups are from various takes that were combined in the editing process.
Check # 011 (Lance and Lori) for details about this troubled filming technique.
Mistake: In the scene with Danny, Sydney, Pilar and Lance in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion sun room, Danny's wine glass is on the table in the close-up; in the subsequent wide angle shot, however, he holds it in his left hand. These shots are from various takes that were combined in the editing process.
Only a few seconds later, yet another mistake of that kind occurs: When Pilar and Lance leave, Danny's glass is already empty in the wide angle shot. But it is full again in the following close-up although nobody poured him more wine.
Once again, these are the mistakes caused by the filming technique; see # 011 (Lance and Lori) for details.
The apartment house where Danny lives is the same building where Claudia Chadway lived in season 7, a heavily used LORIMAR location, which is located quite near the old LORIMAR STUDIOS (previously MGM STUDIOS, nowadays SONY PICTURES STUDIOS), next to Tellefson Park in Culver City, CA.
The interiors, however, are shot in a suite at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, a big and famous hotel torn down in 2005 and meanwhile replaced with the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools. Opened in 2010, the new school building was designed to match the outer shell of the historic Ambassador Hotel's main wing, including the hip roof, and named in memory of the presidential candidate who was assassinated at the hotel in 1968.

Real life allusions: A poster of ELVIS PRESLEY is in Danny's apartment.


The San Francisco bar where Genele meets Brian is a bar in the former Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.


The filming location for Brian's apartment is the bedroom in the same suite at the former Ambassador Hotel, which poses as Danny's apartment.

Fictional entity: Michael Sharpe has the pictures including the hidden bearer bonds sent via an airfreight company named Global Courier.
The filming location for the Global Courier delivery depot is the delivery area of the fomrer Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.
Cast and crew background: This episode's director, TIM HUNTER, obviously likes working with actor TAYLOR NEGRON. When HUNTER directed # 168, NEGRON joined the guest cast as Roger MacDonald. Now he is back again as another character, Wendell Carver.
Richard's nickname for Danny is "Mr. Warmth".
Sharpe Capital Ventures (the name is mentioned in # 222 for the first time) has several offices on the U.S. West Coast; the San Francisco or Sausalito offices are the headquarters.

Fictional entity: Genele tries to sell the bearer bond to the Century Brokerage Corporation.
The filming location for the offices are offices in the former Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.


The Sharpe Capital Ventures parking lot and the walkway to it are parts of the grounds of the former Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, which was torn down in the early 2000's.


The red Volvo sedan is used as a prop again; this time, on the parking lot of Sharpe Capital Ventures (compare # 055 for details).

Genele now drives a white coupé.
Real life allusion: Sharpe mentions the Top of the Mark, the real restaurant on the top floor of the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco.
J. PATRICK McNAMARA, the actor who plays Bert, Richard's broker, this episode, also portrayed Maggie's doctor in season 5.
Bert's office is actually another office in the former Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

The scene with Richard, Lauren and the kids in the park is shot on the heavily filmed park on the backlot of CBS-MTM STUDIOS again (compare # 135).

Sharpe has a broker in the South Bay, i.e. the southern part of San Francisco Bay Area.
The alley in San Francisco where Sharpe meets Johnny Sacco is actually My Three Sons Street on the backlot of CBS-MTM STUDIOS, just between sound stages 12 and 16/17.
LORIMAR's original blueprints of this set and many others are available for DFCF members in the Show - Production Office - Filming Locations - Movie Studios - Exterior Sets section.
JAMES DiSTEFANO, the actor who plays Johnny Sacco beginning this episode, also portrayed the (uncredited) percussionist during the recording of Apollonia's demo tape in season 5.
Real life allusion: Johnny Sacco mentions the Indy 500, the 500-mile Indianapolis car race (established 05/30/1911).
Another Tuscany restaurant is mentioned: Rudolpho's. Michael is having dinner there when he gets the call about Danny's "accident".

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