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# 220 <9.15> Finding Lauren
(revised 06/15/2020)
The filming locations for the scenes with Lauren in San Francisco are at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Descanso Drive in Silver Lake, CA, a part of Greater L.A.
The stairs Lauren climbs up in the opening scene are actually located between a loop of Descanso Drive. Lauren is actually walking in western direction.
Sophisticated editing of all following scenes in what is supposed to be Chinatown in San Francisco creates the illusion Lauren is walking a longer way although all filming locations are at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Descanso Drive in Silverlake, CA. After each cut, the same corner is featured basically from different angles.
The first angle shows Sunset Boulevard (camera facing east). The second angle shows the Restaurant America (which is the same location used inside as the diner later this episode) directly at the corner of Sunset and Descanso; the building has been remodeled since filming and houses another restaurant nowadays. In this segment, Lauren is actually walking in northern direction.

The next few frames are also along Sunset Boulevard, directly next to the building where the Restaurant America used to be. In this segment, Lauren is actually walking in southern direction, i.e. in the opposite direction as in the previous segment.


Dr. Fong (played by uncredited extra GEORGE SASAKI) appears in Chinatown this episode.
Compare # 222 for biographical details about this minor rôle and a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 026.


Finally, Bay Vue Furnished Apartments is an apartment building on Descanso Drive in L.A., quite close to the corner at Sunset. In the background, the building housing the Restaurant America can be spotted right next to the Bay Vue. Lauren is actually walking in eastern direction in this segment.


Product placement: Michael, Kevin and Richard play with a Nintendo Gameboy.


Product placement: Again, there is a bottle of Perrier mineral water on Sharpe's desk in his office.


Lack of coordination between scripts and props: Whereas Lauren lives in apartment 4C of the Bay Vue, a building leasing furnished apartments in Chinatown in San Francisco, she tells Ellen, her colleague at the diner, she lives at the Residence Hotel.

Interesting prop: An old bottle of Gioberti Winery white wine is on Danny's desk in his Falcon Crest Winery Building office. - It remains a mystery why it is on his desk. As implied by the previous seasons, Angela no longer sold wines under that label after she took over the property. So what is Danny doing with this old bottle now?
Detailed information about this wine label and many others is available in the Show - Production Office - Wine Label Gallery section. Previews are available for the general public; for DFCF members, the wine labels are available in high resolution.
For good reason, DAVID SELBY is apparently becoming more and more tired of the trashy storylines this season: When Ellen pours him the coffee, the turnaround, the quick movement of his right hand and the way he glances at the waitress, is not very Richard-like - it is all DAVID's body language, obviously lost in thoughts far away from his work.

The filming location for Tarot Cards, the psychic reading business, is a store in the building complex next to what used to be the Restaurant America on Sunset Boulevard in Silver Lake, CA. It is a furniture store nowadays.

Richard tells Lauren he went to a lot of places with Maggie, including Santa Barbara (a bed & breakfast). - When did that happen? They both never had much chance to travel a lot. Since Maggie and Richard became a couple, there was hardly any longer period of time in the series when something like that could have happened without the audience being involved. The only time might have been between during # 165 and between # 169 and 170 (check out the season 7 background information on the respective time frame of those episodes).
The storyline about Richard's obsession with his dead wife Maggie is not dealt with seriously - first, it is hard to believe how suddenly this problem came up; secondly, it is even harder to believe it could be solved in such a short period of time; and thirdly, Richard, as he was pictured over the last few years, would not try to make a second Maggie out of Lauren - what an inappropriate feature of Richard's character.
Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion interior set - inconsistencies:
After new hallways were built behind the western wall of the living room last season, which was an illogic thing to do (compare # 193), this episode features a shot through the open right French door next to the fireplace; the hallway was apparently extended to a really vast new wing.
This current hallway, by the way, looks exactly like the upstairs hallway, which led to Emma's bedroom until around mid-season (compare the screen capture from # 208). - The set designers' secret is that this is the very same hallway of course because they built all the mansion's upstairs rooms right behind the living room on the sound stage this season.

Click here for a rough sketch of the interior set of the upstairs hallways in the Victorian Mansion.
For DFCF members, LORIMAR's original blueprints of this set and many others are available in the Show - Production Office - Filming Locations - Movie Studios - Interior Sets section.

Sharpe's nickname for Sydney is "Little Lady Macbeth".
For obviously no reason - just to do something crazy and change himself - Lance gets three tattoos: LORENZO's real-life tattoos! The camera shows only two of them; the third one is only referred to in dialog (it is on the inner part of the right forearm). This is another ridiculous storyline coming from nowhere and leading to nowhere in this disastrous season! It is also strange how fast the healing process of Lance's skin went.
The only advantage is that the make-up artists no longer have to worry about his tattoos - the show being just seven episodes away from its finale, this seems to be really economic and strategic planning...
Mistake: In the scene when Lance presents his tattoos to Pilar, the close-ups are from various takes that were combined in the editing process. This becomes apparent when Lance's hands are on Pilar's collar in one moment (filmed towards Pilar), and on Pilar's upper arms in the subsequent frame (filmed towards Lance).
Check # 001 (Gus in the Gioberti House) for details about this troubled filming technique.

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