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# 214 <9.09> Merry Christmas, Charley
(revised 09/17/2018)

The picnic scene with Sydney and Chris, which creates the illusion the picnic blanket might have been laid out near the pond known from # 213, is actually filmed nowhere near a pond, but under a tree on the CBS-MTM backlot.

Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion interior set - inconsistency: The upstairs hallways have changed again:
Now a door can be seen opposite the hallway leading to Emma and Charley's bedroom. - Before this room's position in the mansion's floor plan became a complete mystery last episode (see # 213), there used to be a niche in the opposite wall, which was decorated with a plant, this season (left screen grab fom # 208).
The same hallway is featured when Sydney leaves the guest bedroom at night (right screen capture). The door to the guest bedroom is across the hallway from Emma's bedroom. In that place, however, there used to be a bathroom door, which opened towards the hallway whereas the guest bedroom door now opens into that room.
ROGER HAMPTON, the actor who plays Bert Gervis, the Las Vegas Police Department lieutenant, in this episode, also portrayed Judd Sloan, a wine distributor, in season 5.
Michael Sharpe seems to have various black limousines. Whereas he has had a Lincoln Town Car Pullman limo until the previous episode, he now has a shorter Cadillac Fleetwood.
Ridiculous: Sydney is under 21 and drinks wine. - This season's producers are really incompetent. In season 8, alcohol was discussed as a problem many times - now, an 18-year-old girl drinks wine!
On the other hand, it seems obvious that Ian never had a sexual relationship with Sydney. - Now is that because of her age? The initial script draft of this episode contained a scene with Sydney telling Chris she is a virgin before they make love near the pond. It was deleted before the episode aired, as was a scene in # 213 that originally had Sydney spank Ian, lying on the bed, with a paddle upon his request. The strange sexual relationship between Sydney and Ian seems to have no point and meaning; it is a storyline that is rather hinted than told and finally leads to nowhere - as many other minor plotlines this year. This season's bible originally planned for more details about the couple's sex life: Ian was supposed to be impotent; Sydney spanking Ian was meant to be some sort of a substitute for their missing sex life. It remains a mystery why the writers skipped these strange plans in the end.
License plate number of Lance's silver Mercedes-Benz SL 500 convertible: 2PEK114. - This must be a new car (same model) since he wrecked the previous one in the crash between # 212 and 213.
Editing mistake: When Lance's car comes to a stop at the roadside, no turn signal can be seen. But when he leaves the car a few moments later, the right turn signal is on.
The filming location for that Tuscany Valley road is North Topanga Canyon Boulevard near Topanga, CA.
The very dark night scene with Chris in Frank's Jeep running by and Charley tailgating him (cars shot from outside) is also from that road.

ROD TAYLOR is replaced by a stunt double when Frank jumps through the living room window of the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion. The stuntman, however, has a slightly different hairdo. During Frank and Ian's fight, ROD TAYLOR and DAVID HUNT are also replaced by stuntmen in some shots.

Original script drafts planned for Ian to be killed unintentionally by Charley who then goes mad and attacks Sydney; Emma shoots and kills Charley to save Sydney. - These plans were changed in the rewriting process.
Season time frame:
Since # 213 opened the day right after the final night of # 212 and - as it can be concluded from Lance's trip to Mexico - both these episodes have quite a tight time frame (depicting only six days), some time must remain unseen both between # 213 and the current episode and during the current episode. The latter conclusion can be drawn from the fact that, on day 2 of the current episode, Frank's phone call with the police implies that Chris has been gone for a longer period of time; so some time must have gone by between Chris' departure in night 1 and day 2.
Day 2 of the current episode is 12/24/1989 (Christmas Eve with the dinner at Falcon Crest). Ian St. James dies in the night of 12/24-25/1989 (Sunday to Monday).
Emma is in her second month of pregnancy according to her statement on day 1 of the current episode. So she must have been pregnant since about mid-October 1989.

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