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# 213 <9.08> Luck Wave
(revised 04/12/2021)
Tentative titles: The Luck Wave / Grapes of Graft.
DAVID SPIELBERG receives credit as Ned Vogel this episode although he does not participate. - The director's cut contained a scene with Pilar entering his office and giving him a kick in his balls for giving her sex video to Charley. The editors forgot to remove the actor's credit when the scene was removed for the final version.
This scene also included JUDY HOY as Vogel's secretary; she was removed correctly from the end credits though.
The country road in the Tuscany Valley (Highway 29) where Lance begins to hitchhike is actually Griffith Park Drive in Griffith Park in Greater L.A. This particular spot is west of the turnoff to Mount Hollywood Drive; this distinct double bend was already filmed from across for # 064 (Pamela chased by Spheeris and Intlekofer).

The black / beige Buick LeSabre, a picture car that has been known since # 013 (compare there for details), is driving along Highway 29 in the Tuscany Valley.


The truck giving Lance a ride to Mexico is a blue Ford LTL-9000.

Saving production costs: Emma's blouse was previously worn by PRISCILLA BEAULIEU PRESLEY's character Jenna Wade in season 9 (original count) / 10 (DVD count) of LORIMAR's "Dallas". In that show, however, it was worn as a two-piece set with a matching skirt while Emma wears it in combination with black slacks.

The identification codes of the patrol cars near Lance's wrecked car are 8370 (in the foreground of the screen grab) and 7394 (the car taking Pilar and Emma to the crash site; in the background on the screen capture). Both patrol cars are 1984 Dodge Diplomat models.


After the Tuscany Police Department had a new logo on their cars last season (see # 198), another logo can be seen now. This is the previous one as seen in season 6 (compare # 128). - There were maybe old patrol cars still in use, and the police did not want to change the logo for budgetary reasons.

The wreck of Lance's car is a different picture car than the usual Mercedes-Benz 500 SL Convertible. Although it is suggested to be the usual automobile, it is pretty obvious that no such model was used in the current scene. Apparently for budgetary reasons, LORIMAR used a totaled car as a prop; make and model of this replacement have not been determined yet.
Lance's wrecked car is found near the bend behind stage 4 on the CBS-MTM backlot, which was also used for # 207 (see there) as well as # 073, 084, 089, 113, 121, 135, 137, 172, 174, 176, 180, 191, 192, 196, 197, 199 and 203.
Walker mentions the "Alice in Wonderland" fairytale by LEWIS CARROLL (1832 - 1898).

The gas station in Juarez / Mexico in this episode is portrayed by the warehouse on the lot of CBS-MTM STUDIOS, which already posed as a part of the Gioberti Winery (see # 144) and as Fixx Trucking (see # 176).

The bar in Mexico where Lance lands is the same interior set as the one used for the Falcon Crest Winery Building (compare the cave) with only minor changes, e.g. removal of the stairway and addition of different props, to reduce production costs.

LORENZO LAMAS' picture on his current main title card comes from a scene in this episode.


The car ride of Genele and Chris in her car is a cheap blue screen technique again - the very same seen as behind Angela and Frank in his jeep in # 206 (see there).

The picture car for Genele's Chevrolet Corvette C4 Convertible (compare # 209) is a different one now. The fact that this is a new vehicle is recognizable because the previous model had a black part behind the seats while that part in the new model is in red body color (see yellow arrows).
When Sydney opens the door of the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion, a huge wooden wardrobe can be seen in the foyer. - Inconsistency: This is not the same wardrobe with the mirror, which is usually placed in the foyer.
This is a different prop substituting the usual wardrobe (compare right screen grab from # 214) because this exterior set of the mansion is built on the backlot of the BURBANK STUDIOS (refer to # 209 for this exception) whereas the usual veranda / interior set (including the usual prop wardrobe) is built on sound stage 10 at CBS-MTM STUDIOS.

Product placement: A bottle of Perrier-Jouët (Fleur de Champagne) is prepared for the celebration of the proposed sale of Falcon Crest to Michael Sharpe in the Winery Building offices.

Writers' nonsense: The total amount to purchase Falcon Crest is said to be only $ 14 million this episode. Giving respect to the show's history, this is just laughable (also compare # 209 for that problem).
Inside joke: Sharpe compares Emma's behavior to the "Twilight Zone" TV series. - "Falcon Crest" creator EARL HAMNER also wrote a few scripts for that show.
According to Sharpe, the St. James brothers are also known under a couple of false names, including Frasier, Jones and Terence.
Sharpe compares Emma with Mary Poppins, the children's book character.
Charley mentions Elena of Troy from ancient Greece.
License plate number of Genele's red 1988 Chevrolet Corvette C4 Targa: 2IEW781.
The filming location for the pond where Sydney and Chris are is Heavenly Pond in Franklin Canyon in Beverly Hills, CA; it was already used in # 011 (see there). The Falcon Crest driveway (compare # 207) is also located there and featured again this episode.
For Michael and Genele's limo ride away from Falcon Crest on a Tuscany Valley country road, the exterior shots - still on the Falcon Crest driveway - are from Franklin Canyon (screen capture 2 of the four pictures in the preceding paragraph) while the interior shots are obviously taken on the sound stage at the studio. The country road seen through the rear window is a cheap blue screen technique featuring Oak Knoll Avenue outside Napa (driving from southwest - close to Highway 29 - in northeastern direction, almost to the intersection with Big Ranch Road); it is stock footage LORIMAR shot during earlier location filming in the Wine Country.
The very same road section - in the opposite direction though - was used in the projections in the scenes with Emma and the Habermans in # 171, with Rosemont in # 181, with Richard in the police car in # 206 and with Lance and Pilar in # 209.
Since Lance and Pilar drove away from Falcon Crest in the opposite direction in # 209, however, this seems contradictory.
Fictional entity: Walker mentions a fast food store by the name Funky Chicken.
Product placement: Walker mentions MasterCard, a credit card company.
One of the pictures on the wall in Emma and Charley's Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion bedroom is a prop that was used in vaious suites at the Del Oro Spa & Country Club in the previous season, e.g. in the living room of Lance's suite (screen capture 1 from # 187) and in the bedroom of Maggie's suite (screen grab 2 from # 203). This prop policy helps save production costs.
Editing mistake and interior set inconsistency: At the end of this episode, Charley opens the door to Angela's bedroom in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion interior set as it can be concluded from the hallway he is seen in. But the next frame features Charley entering his and Emma's bedroom.
As stated in # 207, Angela's and Emma's bedrooms are the same set, which is the reason for this problem. The current scene, however, is an accumulation of mistakes because Charley - as filmed from inside the bedroom - comes into the room through the wrong door. For if he enters from the particular hallway seen in the preceding frame, he would have to come through the other door next to the walk-in closet. That door usually portrays the door to Emma's bathroom or, if used as Angela's bedroom, the only door to it - right from the hallway where Charley is filmed in the current episode.
Compare # 215 for a more detailed explanation of the set's layout.

Click here for a rough sketch of the interior set of the upstairs hallways in the Victorian Mansion.
For DFCF members, LORIMAR's original blueprints of this set and many others are available in the Show - Production Office - Filming Locations - Movie Studios - Interior Sets section.


Product placement: Charley brings a bottle of Perrier-Jouët (Fleur de Champagne) to his and Emma's bedroom.


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