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# 211 <9.06> God of the Grape
(revised 09/17/2018)
No recap is featured before the main title of this episode. The reason for that remains a mystery.
Cast and crew background: COLLEEN CARROLL, the writer of this episode, is the real-life wife of co-executive producer JOEL SURNOW.
This is an extremely bad and disgusting episode. The new producers and writers' ideas of a new direction for the program is just ridiculous. This is the definite beginning of the show falling into the abyss.
After this episode is aired, the series, which has undergone a drastic loss of audience since the beginning of this season, will lose another 400,000 viewers.

Parts of Van Nuys Airport are used as the filming site for the Tuscany Valley Airport.

N920G is the license number of the jet Ian and Sydney use to fly to the valley.
The original draft of the seasonal bible planned for Sydney to stay for the remainder of the whole season and to establish her as a new core character for the following year if the show had been renewed for a tenth season.
JOEL SURNOW and SHERI ANDERSON wanted Sydney to become Angela's right arm in the long run. After her return, Angela was supposed to see herself as a young girl in the beautiful, but tenacious Sydney, who, in turn, was supposed to see herself as the next Angela Channing. For more details, check out # 227 (original cliffhanger plans).
Interior set of Richard's house (despite the note in the bible, see # 206, probably not the ranch - just a guess?!) - inconsistency: The den with the fireplace (from # 206) that looked like the den at the ranch is now gone. As it becomes more and more apparent this episode, since # 207, there has been some sort of small den or living room now although the arch / entry is still the same element as used in the interior set in # 206.
The fireplace and blue-gray wall (known from # 208 where it looks like a study) is, as # 217 will show, a part of the new bedroom set. The bed is on the wall opposite the fireplace.
The house definitely looks like a small cottage with just a few rooms now. On one of the walls in this mysterious small living room, there is the characteristic picture or tiles (mostly gold, blue and gray; now split in two parts) known from Maggie and Richard's bedroom (also compare # 184).
Agretti Residence set - inconsistency: The kitchen, although still pretty similar, has changed: The window (towards where the patio used to be last season) looks different and the back door next to it is gone. There is a new French door in the wall where the refrigerator and the wine bottle racks used to be last season; they lead to the new patio known from # 209, as # 213 (compare the screen capture from that episode here) will show in detail.
Despite LORIMAR's "new wardrobe for new season" policy, this episode, Lance wears the lilac pullover he already wore in season 8.
Jace Sampson's wife is named Sarah. She is mentioned quite often, but never appears on screen.
Sharpe's nickname for Walker is "Mr. Greenjeans".
New Falcon Crest party grounds - posh formal gardens with a fountain and big stairways - are seen during the Bacchus festival; this is the only time these gardens are featured. These grounds can be seen from the Victorian Mansion as a scene with Pilar and Lance in their bedroom implies. - Mysterious: Were these grounds built after the fire in season 8? Were the vineyards damaged in the fire replaced by these gardens?
The filming location for these scenes is Greystone Park in Beverly Hills, CA; it is a public park next door to the privately owned Greystone Mansion.
The seasonal bible compared the relationship between Chris Agretti and Sydney St. James, which will develop over the next few episodes, with SHAKESPEARE's "Romeo and Juliet".
Richard pronounces Latin very well - and DAVID SELBY himself even corrected the misspelled CESAR quote in the script (obviously written by an incompetent author) into the correct term: "Ex nihilo nihil fit." ("Out of nothing comes nothing").

Product placement: Perrier-Jouët (Fleur de Champagne) is poured at the Bacchus festival at Falcon Crest.

The initial script draft for this episode suggested Michael and Kevin be drinking wine. - At least, this disgusting idea did not make it to the screen in a close-up in the end.
Only with that in mind, it makes sense why Richard is so annoyed and heads towards the boys.
MITCH PILEGGI, the actor who plays Eddie, a trucker working for Falcon Crest, this episode, also portrayed one of Saunders' henchmen in season 6.

JANE WYMAN reappears for a couple of short hospital scenes in this episode.

Season time frame:
This episode depicts the events in November 1989 and apparently continues on the same day where # 210 left off.
Mistake: On the final day of this episode, Frank says during the Bacchus festival that his nephew, Chris, will be staying with him for the summer. - This is completely out of line and underlines the poor scriptwriting because the summer was over a long time ago. Or did the writer want to imply that Frank is about to lose his mind as a result of Genele's pressure? Or does Frank actually mean Chris will be staying until next summer?

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