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# 208 <9.03> Flesh and Blood
(revised 10/05/2020)
Tentative titles: Where are the Children / The Cradle will Fall.
The recap features a close-up of Angela seconds before Charley presses the pillow on her face. This close-up was not featured in # 207; Angela was hidden behind the close-up shot of the pillow there.
Charley plays the piano at the Del Oro at night and sings "Houston", a song written by LEE HAZLEWOOD and best known from DEAN MARTIN's 1965 performance. He slightly alters the lyrics, referencing "Tuscany Town".
Strange: Ned Vogel's office is either in the Tuscany Valley or at least nearby. Pilar and Lance, however, left to see him the previous night (final night of # 207), but only meet with him on day 1 of the current episode.
The interiors of the Queen of the Valley Hospital where Angela is taken care of are portrayed by the California Hospital Medical Center in downtown Los Angeles in this episode.
Inside joke: The hospital announcement in the background calls for Dr. Cochran, Dr. Anderson, Dr. Parslow and Dr. Surnow - real names of crew members: ROBERT COCHRAN (story editor), SHERI ANDERSON (co-producer and writer of this episode), PHIL PARSLOW (producer) and JOEL SURNOW (co-executive producer).

Chao-Li doing his rituals for Angela after she went into a coma is CHAO-LI CHI's own suggestion. The sword used in the scene is not just a prop from the studios, it is the actor's own sword.
CHAO-LI CHI's picture on his current main title card comes from this scene.

Although not written in the script, DAVID SELBY spontaneously decides to add the remark that Maggie had hired a nanny for the boys because she did not get along with Garth in Richard's conversation with Julius. It is great that DAVID tries to add a little history to the episode, and it is equally symptomatic that the new producers are too uninterested in giving the show a minimum of continuity.

Sharpe's limousine is a black stretched 1985 Lincoln Town Car - obviously one of the limos he already had in # 206 (see there). See # 207 for a faux-pas with the exterior footage of another limo though.

The Meridian Children's Shelter located in East Bay (two hour drive from Tuscany) is portrayed by CBS-MTM office building 5 - a heavily used building on the show; last season, it posed as Tuscany Interstate Bank (compare # 187).
LORIMAR's original blueprints of this set and many others are available for DFCF members in the Show - Production Office - Filming Locations - Movie Studios - Exterior Sets section.
The interiors of Stan Wess' office, however, are filmed in the administration of the Mulholland Tennis Club in Los Angeles.
The log house used as the Daniels home was used as Kit's Carmel hiding place in season 6 (see # 148). This season, interiors are filmed here, too. - The filming location is in Topanga Canyon in Los Angeles.
Another mystery of this season is where the Daniels live: in the Tuscany Valley or somewhere near San Francisco Bay?

No shots of Angela this episode: The hospital scene is filmed so closely to her bed that she cannot be seen - because JANE WYMAN is no longer on the set.


Product placement: A cardiac monitor by IVY Biomedical Systems Inc. can be seen in Angela's hospital room.

Lance mentions Falcon Crest has been doing business with Ned Vogel, the wine distributor, for over ten years. But in season 3, Calvin Kleeger was the distributor, in season 5, Jack Steubling was the West Coast distributor, and in season 6, Kibbler Beverages was the distribution company. - So why is Ned Vogel so important to Falcon Crest now? It also remains a mystery why there was need for another distributor; after Angela reconciled with Peter in # 155, there was obviously no need to terminate their distribution contract (Peter had bought out Richard from Kibbler Beverages).
The close-up of Lance standing at the shower in his and Pilar's Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion bedroom as seen in this season's current main title (right screen capture) is from an unused version of the scene in this episode (compare the left screen grab for the version used this episode).
Real life allusions: Charley mentions CLAUDIUS, CAESAR, TIBERIUS und CALIGULA from ancient Rome.
Mistake: In the scene in the Falcon Crest Winery office, the close-ups of Lance and Pilar are from various takes that were combined in the editing process. This becomes apparent when Pilar's hands are on Lance's chest or shoulder in one moment (filmed towards Lance), but on Lance's collar in the subsequent frame (filmed towards Pilar).
Again, this is the typical mistake caused by the particular close-up filming technique - check # 001 (Gus in the Gioberti House) for details.
Deleted scene: The director's cut contained a scene with Chao-Li and Emma in the glass-covered patio of the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion. While Emma sits with a cup of coffee, reading a magazine, Chao-Li comes to her and informs her that some things from Angela's bedroom are missing and that somebody must have been in there. Emma realizes he suspects Charley. Confronting him, Chao-Li says he does not know, bows respectfully and leaves. This scene was followed by another segment with Emma entering Angela's room, peeking into the closet and opening a few drawers until she finally sits down on the edge of Angela's bed. - In post-production, the patio scene was deleted, and the beginning of the scene in Angela's bedroom was edited.
The scene in the glass-covered patio of the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion is the only one to ever have been filmed in that part of the set. It remains a mystery why this addition to the Mansion set (compare # 193 for details) remained otherwise unused.
The painting by CLAUDE MONET entitled "Le Pont Japonais à Giverny" ("The Japanese Bridge in Giverny"), which was in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion living room between # 172 and 183, hangs now on the wall across from the door to Angela's bedroom in an upper hallway.
For details about the picture itself, compare # 172.
The script suggested that Charley come back with two hunted quails. Preparing the prop list for this episode, the producers decided - in accordance with Charley's particularly tasteless storyline - he will be shown bringing home two dead falcons. They were actually presented in the final version. The props are mock cadavers of peregrine falcons.

The scenes at the Tuscany Valley Tennis Club in the current episode are from the Mulholland Tennis Club in L.A.


The photo of Sharpe and Stewart was taken during filming # 207; compare there for details about a deleted scene on the grounds of the Tuscany Valley Tennis Club.

Sharpe's assets are $ 700 million.
The questions about Richard's home (also check # 206 and 207) become more and more mysterious:
Richard's desk is in a room with a blue-gray wall and a fireplace; it seems to be a corner in the later newly decorated bedroom (first seen in detail in # 217). But its style does not resemble any room at the ranch.
On the other hand, when Michael sees the boys' bedroom at Lauren and Walker's log house the first time, he tells them Kevin's and his room at home (at Richard's) is much bigger; that size might be a hint for Richard's home being the ranch.

The park scene with Sharpe and Lauren is filmed near the heavily filmed fence on the CBS-MTM backlot (compare especially # 086 for the fence as well as # 135 for the park).

The family relation between Sharpe and Maggie or Richard is rather mysterious - thanks to the new writers' negligent way of handling the show's past:
In # 207, Sharpe mentioned to Richard he is a second cousin; in # 206, there was also a hint for a relation to Richard. In this episode, Sharpe refers to Lauren as a distant relation to Maggie. It might be concluded from the line in the current episode that Michael and Lauren must be Maggie's second cousins - or else, Michael Sharpe's lie about the reason for Lauren being given custody for Michael and Kevin would not be plausible for his sister. In that case, however, it remains a mystery if the Sharpes are relatives to Maggie's biological parents (Charlotte Pershing and Oliver Donovan) or to her adoptive parents (Paul Hartford and Margaret Griffith); the latter is most likely the case giving respect to the plausibility of Sharpe's lie. Given Richard were Sharpe's second cousin, it would remain unanswered if the relationship is via the Channing or the Gioberti line.
This interpretation is confirmed by the seasonal bible written by JOEL SURNOW and SHERI ANDERSON where the character description for Lauren explicitly states that she is "Maggie's second cousin".

The parking garage of Sharpe's company is portrayed by the underground parking lot of the Oakridge Plaza complex in Sherman Oaks, CA.


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