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# 206 <9.01> The Price of Freedom
(revised 04/12/2021)
According to a CBS press release, LEO PENN was the original choice as the director of this season's opening episode. Executive producer JERRY THORPE, however, took over this duty himself on very short notice.
This episode, there is no recap before the main title to remind the audience of the events of the previous season. The following episodes, however, will usually contain a short recap of the past episode.
In this episode's teaser before the main title, Jorge, the boy in the vineyard, leads Lance to a dead female falcon ("the señora") - a symbol the old show is gone. Contrary to popular myth, this female falcon is not Lance's male falcon, Apollo. It remains a mystery what has become of Apollo since the animal was last seen in season 3.
The filming location is a growing field at Lincourt Vineyards in Solvang, CA (Santa Ynez Valley) - pretty close to the driveway at the intersection of Alamo Pintado Road and Adobe Canyon Road. The background picture on DANA SPARKS' and DAVID BEECROFT's main title cards in season 8 was already shot there (compare # 184).

The picture of LORENZO LAMAS is specifically filmed for the current version of this season's main title.
For the other actors' pictures in the main title, especially those coming from various scenes, see the information listed in the respective episodes.

The shot of Angela, triumphant in her study, in this season's current main title (right screen capture) is an unused wide angle shot of a scene in # 169. That episode only featured a closer shot (left screen grab).

The filming location for the vineyard towards the end of the main title (PHIL PARSLOW's credit) is the Star Lane Vineyard of the Dierberg Vineyard company in Lompoc, CA (filmed in northwestern direction).

Series time frame:
Apparently, a few months must have gone by since the season 8 finale (04/15/1989; see # 205) - especially considering Richard's trial took place in the meantime.
As it can be concluded from the scene with Lance and Pilar in the vineyard, the 1989 grape harvest has not taken place yet. Giving respect to the fact that # 207 (see there) closes on Friday, 09/15/1989, the current episode most likely depicts the events around the first or second week of September 1989.
The new season does not continue plotlines from season 8 although they were not finished:

  • Christopher Harris' death is not mentioned again.
  • A particularly bad inconsistency is the fate of Nick and Ben Agretti, who are not mentioned at all in the final version of this episode. The original script had Frank say that he got a postcard from Nick and Ben from France, though - after Anna's body was exhumed in Italy, Nick was cleared, and he and Ben went traveling. That sentence (Frank and Angie in the jeep) was taken out of the final editing on film.
  • It also remains unanswered what happened to Tuscany Hill after Nick had left the valley. - Did he sell his half of the vineyard to Lance?
  • Emma's explanation that Daniel, when his latest book was rejected by his publisher, started drinking, gambling and battering her was mostly omitted in the final version.
  • Strangely enough, Richard was convicted of several white-collar crimes, including fraud, stock market manipulations and tax evasion, but not of kidnapping Angela, etc.
  • What happened to Channing Enterprises, especially the New Globe (compare 210)? Thinking of its many assets, it seems rather unbelievable that it might have gone bankrupt just because of Richard having invested a lot in Glenbraddoch stock in the previous season. - Another inconsistency in that context: This episode says Richard is bankrupt. But if this is true, where did he get the money for Maggie's ring from?
  • Another loose end is what happened to the construction site of the Glenbraddoch Winery. As the huge industrial complex will never be mentioned in season 9, it seems obvious that, due to the bankruptcy of the Glenbraddoch Corporation, the project must have been discontinued. But was the site sold and maybe converted into vineyards again?
The picture car for Frank's gray Jeep Wrangler YJ (compare # 184) is a different one now. The fact that this is a new vehicle is recognizable because the current model does not have the big "Wrangler" lettering on the front fenders. It does not seem as if these tags were removed during hiatus, but it is apparently a different picture car of the otherwise exactly same type.

The scene with Frank and Angie in his Jeep is obviously not an exterior scene, but is filmed on the sound stage using blue screen technique with vineyard footage from the wine growing area around Lompoc, CA in the background.


The prison bus taking Richard to the penetentiary is a black Ford B-Series from the 1960's.

In this and the following episode, all exterior scenes of the penitentiary where Richard is imprisoned as well as some interiors - processing room and corridor, cell block, dining room and light panel - are portrayed by a real prison, the Wayside Honor Rancho, a part of the Wayside Maximum Security Facility (nowadays Pitchess Detention Center - North Facility of the North County Correctional Facility) in Castaic, CA.

The tailor shop at the prison is portrayed by the paint shop in the Mill at CBS-MTM STUDIOS.
All other interiors of the prison (delousing room, Richard's cell, visiting room and conjugal room) are sets on sound stage 10.


GREG COLLINS, the actor who plays Wyzanski, one of the prison guards, in this and the next episode, also portrayed Riebmann's security guard in season 4 and a Del Oro security guard in season 8 (compare # 190).

Mistake: Richard's left hand is in different positions in subsequent frames - first a good distance away from the tray, then touching the corner of the tray. Again, this is the typical mistake caused by the particular close-up filming technique - check # 001 (Gus in the Gioberti House) for details.
Strange: Where does Maggie live now?
The Channing den seems very similar to the study at the ranch featured in season 8 (the shape of the room and the fireplace, even its decoration with two golden lions, is the same), but a modified hallway and a new entrance was added to that set. Is it just a similar room in a small house or is it really supposed to be the ranch? The bedroom (compare # 207) also seems to be the same one as in season 8. In # 205, Maggie agreed to move back to the ranch. Script # 206 only says "Channing House", exactly as in season 8. But in the following episodes, the new home rather seems to be a small cottage. Besides, the pool is different from the one at the ranch (compare # 171).
The season 9 bible, however, clarified for # 207: "Richard returns home to the house he shared with Maggie", i.e. the ranch.

Striking: SUSAN SULLIVAN changed her hairdo drastically over the hiatus.

When Richard talks to Julius, he mentions several real life names - partly product placement:
Sharpe's office is said to have been designed by star architect I.M. PEI.
Sharpe is said to wear suits by the Italian fashion house BRIONI.
Original pictures by ROBERT RAUSCHENBERG (American pop artist) and JACKSON POLLOCK (American abstract expressionist) are said to be on his office walls.
In the fitness area of Sharpe's office, "Seated Figure (Classic Male)" is on the wall, a 1941 - 43 Expressionist style painting (oil and charcoal on wood panel) by Dutch-American artist WILLEM DE KOONING (1904 - 1997). An odd change was made to the upper right corner of the picture though.
As with all artwork, it remains unanswered throughout the series if they are originals or if they are meant to be reproductions. The original of the aforementioned artwork is in a private collection.
Inside joke: The character name of Michael Sharpe is an ironic portmanteau of two real names: The first name is "borrowed" from MICHAEL MILKEN, a controversial American investment dealer; the last name from W.S. SHARPE, a renowned MBA, who invented the "capital asset pricing model", a stock market theory he won the Nobel prize for.
Real-life allusions: The character of Michael Sharpe and the Richard Channing / Michael Sharpe investment crimes storyline is an allusion to the white-collar crimes of MICHAEL MILKEN and his cohorts. - The MILKEN name is even mentioned explicitly by Michael Sharpe when he talks to Richard in the penitentiary; also the "junk bonds" are referred to by Michael Sharpe - a special kind of high yield debt invented by MILKEN in real life.
Background: During the 1980's, MICHAEL MILKEN greatly expanded the use of high yield debt, otherwise known as junk bonds, in corporate finance and acquisitions, which fueled the 1980's leveraged buyout boom. In 1986, the SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission) conducted investigations about an insider trading ring of professionals working at a number of Wall Street firms, which had apparently been formed by DENNIS LEVINE, another investment banker, and also lead to a collaboration with MILKEN. In late 1988, New York District Attorney RUDOLPH GIULIANI (later the NYC mayor) charged MILKEN with 98 counts of various white-collar crimes. The investigation was greatly supported by IVAN BOESKY, an associate of MILKEN's, who had agreed to cooperate with the authorities to save his own butt. Indicted by a federal grand jury, MILKEN pled guilty to a very small portion of the original charges in a plea bargain. He was sentenced to ten years in a minimum-security facility - a term later reduced to 22 months.
The parallels in the Channing / Sharpe storyline are obvious: By and large, the crimes Richard is convicted of match the ones MILKEN was charged with. Richard being sent to a real penitentiary rather than a "country club prison" (according to the judge) is a sarcastic allusion to MILKEN being sent to a minimum-security facility. Richard's plea bargain to be released from prison sooner alludes to BOESKY's cooperation with the D.A. and SEC.
Product placement: Michael Sharpe uses a Power Putty, a silicone rubber ball, to strengthen the muscles of his hand. His Power Putty is medium soft (light green), a mid-level resistance.
Editing mistake: In the scene with Julius Karnow in Sharpe's office, the electronic board shows the message "35% pre-tax" in the wide angle scene first, but it says "$ 0.44" in the close-up of Julius in the very next moment.
Changes in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion interior set:
The first floor - except the study - was partly refurnished and repainted: yellow paint instead of blue wallpapers; as for the foyer, where the octagon carpet is back again (compare # 193), refer to the screen capture from the following episode. The stained glass window above the door from the kitchen hallway to the sun room is much brighter and shinier because there seems to be some light behind it now.
There is no reason to be seen for the renovation in the first floor during the hiatus. The latest renovation remains a mystery giving respect to the fact Angela had everything redecorated just after the fire last season.
Mistake: During Angela's conversation with Gus Wallach in her study in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion, the phone on Angela's desk is not in the same place in all the frames - without being touched during the scene. - The prop masters were not too careful during the various takes of the scene; neither were the editors when they combined the various versions that were filmed.
In the usual process of making a movie or a TV show, scenes are oftentimes shot multiple times (e.g. as a wide angle shot and in close-up), which bears the risk of inconsistencies. Compare # 001 (Gus in the Gioberti House) for the advantages and disadvantages of this shooting procedure.
Original casting plans: Before JOHN DIEHL got the part of Gus Wallach, STUART PANKIN was cast, but the producers finally chose to use him in the upcoming rôle of Jason Sampson.
Deleted scenes:
  • The director's cut contained a night scene in Lance and Pilar's bedroom in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion as the act 2 opener. He is in the shower when she enters in best spirits and wants to join him in the shower "hungrily". He is angered at her lateness though. Their discussion about where she has been continues in the bedroom. But she refuses to answer, basically as a matter of principle - also because she is fed up with Angela's attempts to sabotage their marriage. - This scene was removed in post-production. What reminds of it in the dining room scene a couple of nights later, however, is Pilar's mentioning that she visited Tommy and Kelly that night.
  • Immediately after that scene, there was another segment that was filmed, but cut: The next morning, Chao-Li serves Angela and Emma breakfast in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion sun room. Emma pours her heart out to her mother that Daniel stopped listening to her advice and, when his latest book was rejected by his publisher, started drinking and gambling; he even hit her. When Emma tells about Charley, a new man in her life, Angela is alarmed: "Did you meet him before or after Daniel hit you?" Emma reacts: "What kind of question is that?" The scene ends on Angela's worried yet dry reply: "An obvious one!"
Kevin is no longer played by BRANDON KASPER, but portrayed by JESSE STOCK this season.

Michael Sharpe has two stretched black 1985 Lincoln Town Car limousines.

Real-life allusion: One of the prison guards mentions JOHNNY CASH.
Deleted scene: Removed in post-production was a scene with Gus Wallach keeping a surveillance eye on Pilar in downtown Tuscany, where she comes out of the bank (filmed on My Three Sons Street on the CBS-MTM backlot, including office building 5). It would have been interesting to see if that building was propped as the Tuscany Interstate Bank again.
Lance has a new silver 1989 Mercedes-Benz 500 SL convertible (type R129) now.
The filming location for the vineyard scene with Lance and Pilar is close to the family home of Lincourt Vineyards in Solvang, CA (Santa Ynez Valley); details see above. In Lance's close-up, the rectangular pavilion, which is actually situated right next to the Lincourt residence, is visible on the far right of the frame.

Product placement: Michael Sharpe drinks Perrier mineral water.

The hot dog stand where Sharpe and Chalo meet is an exterior set built in front of CBS-MTM office building 5 (which was used as Tuscany Interstate Bank in season 8).
LORIMAR's original blueprints of this set and many others are available for DFCF members in the Show - Production Office - Filming Locations - Movie Studios - Exterior Sets section.
The scene with Lance and Pilar in the Del Oro steam room is another proof for the new sex & crime format of the series. This scene was like a revolution on the most conservative CBS TV network in the late 1980's. In those days, the people in charge even spoke of it as the most intensely erotic love scene ever filmed for network television.

Jane Callendar drives a gray Toyota Camry.

Fictional entity: Jane Callendar, Sharpe's tax lawyer, is staying at Betsy's Motel.
The exterior filming location is the front of bungalow 10 facing St. Elsewhere Street on the backlot of CBS-MTM STUDIOS (nowadays CBS STUDIO CENTER). The bungalow's "other" front facing My Three Sons Street was utilized for other purposes, e.g. in # 210 (compare there). This part of the backlot was remodeled in the 1990's.a small structure with semicircular arches next to the Wardrobe Department and behind bungalow 10 on St. Elsewhere Street on the CBS-MTM backlot.
LORIMAR's original blueprints of this set and many others are available for DFCF members in the Show - Production Office - Filming Locations - Movie Studios - Exterior Sets section.
The shot of Sharpe in his limo in this season's current main title (right screen capture) is the unused final part of the scene near the hot dog stand in this episode (left screen grab).
The painting by JAMES ENSOR entitled "Le coup de lumière" ("Effect of Light"), which has been hanging in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion dining room on the wall adjacent to the stairway since # 130, is now on the dining room wall adjacent to the hallway between the kitchen and the sun room.
For details about the picture itself, compare # 130.
Frank lists a bunch of real life tennis professionals he played with, e.g. KEN ROSEWALL, FRANKIE SEDGEMAN, TONY TRABERT and LEW HOAD.
Pilar confesses she was involved with Richard once, but before her marriage with Lance. - Their affair must have been in 1986 because it was revealed in # 194 that Richard had saved Glenbraddoch from a hostile takeover at that time and must have gotten to know Pilar. Their affair can hardly have been at a later time because this would seem most unbelievable as Richard madly fell in love with Maggie later in 1986.
Pilar mentions visiting Tommy and Kelly; she obviously survived the accident in Lake Tahoe, and they are living together now. - Amazing that the writers mention those characters although they completely ignore any other part of the show's history.
It seems strange that Sal is so surprised to see Richard in the prison tailor shop in the morning. If the explosion had worked out the way Sal planned, he would have heard of it.
Richard's ride in the police car is obviously a blue screen technique. - It is the very same shot of the road as seen through the window of the limo in the scenes with Emma and the Habermans in # 171 (see there) and in Rosemont's limo in # 181 (see there). The Tuscany Valley country road seen in the projection is Oak Knoll Avenue outside Napa (driving from northeast at approximately the intersection with Big Ranch Road in southwestern direction); it is stock footage LORIMAR shot during earlier location filming in the Wine Country.
The police car is a 1983 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Sedan.
The location of Richard's prison is a mystery because its name is never mentioned. It has to be outside of the Tuscany Valley County though since the deputy sheriff in the police car taking Richard from the penitentiary to the courthouse does not have the usual "Sheriff Tuscany Valley" shoulder patch, but a totally different one saying "Deputy Sheriff" (without any location).
Five of Richard's toy soldiers were dropped into the Channing pool.
There are two editing mistakes in Maggie's desperate struggle - a montage of various takes of that scene:
The position of the soldiers on the pool ground as seen from above is slightly different from their position when the camera features Maggie coming into the frame to get them.

When Maggie drops the soldiers, the next camera perspective is from behind her; the soldiers are nowhere in the frame, but they are in the following frame.

The additional office space of the Tuscany County Courthouse in the concrete building of the Tuscany County Administration Offices is portrayed by the southern entrance of the CBS-MTM administration building again albeit with a prop sign saying "Tuscany Courthouse" only. For the extensive use of this building, also refer to # 074.
LORIMAR's original map of this part of the studio lot is available for DFCF members in the Show - Production Office - Filming Locations - Movie Studios - Exterior Sets section.
It seems a mystery why Richard is taken to the Tuscany County Courthouse for his proposed testimony against Sharpe for three reasons: First, the prison where Richard is held is elsewhere (see above); secondly, Sharpe's company seems to be located in Sausalito (compare # 221); thirdly, when Richard finally testifies before the attorney general in # 207, he does so in the Philip Burton Federal Building in San Francisco. It seems the writers just lost track...
Except the final part with the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion (a reused 1983 clip, which has been in use in the main titles since season 3), the end credits are superimposed over footage from the Santa Ynez Valley.
The first segment is an aerial view of the main vineyard and barrel room of Lincourt Vineyards in Solvang, CA. For season 8, the final part of this clip was used on DANA SPARKS' and DAVID BEECROFT's main title cards. The footage in the current end credits is an earlier part of that helicopter view.

The second end credits segment is an aerial view of the Stolpman Vineyards on Ballard Canyon Road in Solvang, CA (the northern part of the vineyard filmed in northeastern direction with a row of trees along Tapadero Road in the background).


The third end credits segment is also an aerial view of the Stolpman Vineyards on Ballard Canyon Road in Solvang, CA (approximately over the center part of the vineyard, filmed in northeastern direction).


The fourth end credits segment features Lincourt Vineyards from segment 1 again, now straight from above.

The fifth segment of the end credits is a later part of the aerial view over the vineyard of Stolpman Vineyards on Ballard Canyon Road in Solvang, CA, which is known from segments 2 and 3; it is near the center of the vineyard, quite similar to segment 3, but a little further in northwestern direction.
The actual order of the footage from Stolpman Vineyards as filmed from the chopper would be: segments 3 - 2 - 5. By cutting the whole sequence in parts and rearranging, the editors created the illusion of many different vineyards.

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