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# 119 <5.21> Law and Ardor
(revised 07/12/2021)
JANE WYMAN does not appear in this and the next episode as she underwent major abdominal surgery. Due to the actress' illness, the writers created Angela's absence as a part of the plot.
Parts of this and the following three episodes, however, had already been filmed and had to be totally recreated. LORIMAR granted an additional budget for the revamped versions of # 119 through 122. The original production codes remained unchanged for the previously produced and unused episodes; the episodes that were recreated and aired got new production codes and show titles.
Previously produced version of # 119: Sudden Moves. The original script was quite different:

  • The main difference in contrast to the newly produced and aired version is, as in # 120, JANE WYMAN's absence. In particular, Angela and Peter's wedding was planned to take place in the original # 119 whereas it was postponed to # 122 in the final version. The original version of # 119 included funny battles between Angela and Peter over the place of the wedding, the honeymoon destination, a conflict about Angela's name (adding Stavros or not to her name) and a lavish wedding reception at Falcon Crest after a most intimate church wedding ceremony.
  • Inside joke: During one of Angela and Peter's arguments, Emma dryly remarks, alluding to EARL HAMNER's previous TV series: "Here we go. And just when I was starting to feel like 'The Waltons' around here."
  • The original plans contained a conversation between Peter, Angela and Father Bob about Peter's previous marriages because Father Bob needs to find out if he can marry Angela and Peter in church.
    In the earliest script draft, the writers played around with the idea of mentioning two annulled marriages before Peter married Eric's mother, a staunch Catholic. In a revised draft, the reference to the two previous marriages was kept, but Peter explains they were performed by civil authorities only, and only his marriage to Eric's mother was handled by the church. Father Bob sees no conflict for a church wedding of Angela and Peter when Peter explains that Eric's mother passed away when he was a child.
    When # 119 was revamped and Angela and Peter's wedding moved to # 122, all these references were dropped, which was a wise choice because they might have conflicted previously established facts about Peter's marriages: In # 101, it was established that Peter was married three times (before Angela) - twice divorced, and then a widower. He had his daughter Sofia with his first wife (who already had a daughter from a previous relationship, Skylar Kimball, as will transpire in season 6); after he divorced her, Peter married Eric's mother, an Austrian countess (as established in # 118); no detailed information was given about Peter's third wife though. It seems that the original script for # 119 might have established Eric's mother as Peter's third wife in error (instead of being his second one), so it was a blessing the reference was not kept in rewrites.
    It seems to be implied in # 122, however, that Peter's previous wives - at least the ones married to him in accordance with Roman-Catholic rites - must be dead. Otherwise, he would not be free for Angela in the eyes of the church. While it was already mentioned in # 101 that his third wife is dead, the deaths of his other two wives will be confirmed later in the series: Skylar's mother is established dead in # 128, and the death of Eric's mother is mentioned in a side note in # 158 when Vickie says that she left Eric the land in Nevada (which Eric loses to Richard in their poker game).
Inconsistency: Although the closing of # 118 and the opening of this episode is the same night, Cole's hair is considerably shorter now. It seems unrealistic that he went to a hair stylist to trim his hair on his way from Falcon Crest to the Agretti Residence. The reason for this continuity error is that WILLIAM R. MOSES got a new haircut during the short hiatus in filming over the Christmas holidays.

Channing House interior set: The door in Richard's bedroom is a door to a walk-in closet this episode. - Inconsistencies: In # 103, 109 and 113, for instance, it led to a hallway (compare screen capture in # 113). In season 7 (compare # 161), it will be the door to the bathroom.

Chase's nickname for Angela is "Old Dragon Lady".
The exterior and interior establishing shots of the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York are stock footage from a film library. They show what used to be the TWA Flight Center (previously terminal 5), which was closed down for air traffic in 2001 and has been used for exhibitions since; the characteristic building was designated a historic landmark in 1994.
Uncredited stand-in GORDON HODGINS appears as an extra again - this time as a passenger at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.
Compare # 182 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about GORDON HODGINS, compare # 001.
Fictional entity: Maggie's flight from New York to San Francisco is operated by Sentinel Air.
The Sentinel Air terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport is actually a part of terminal 3 of the Los Angeles International Airport.
At the time of shooting, it was exclusively used by TWA.
Violets are Maggie's favorite flowers.

The curly haired blonde (an uncredited extra) is at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in this episode. - Coincidence or rather negligent extras casting? She will later be seen in San Francisco also (see below).
Compare # 169 for a list of the woman's appearances throughout the series.

On the cover of his novel ("Consumed"), the correct spelling of Jeff's name can be seen: Jeffrey Wainwright. - The spelling of the last name in the credits is wrong: "Wainright".
Saving productions costs at LORIMAR's wardrobe department: The fur coat "Monica" wants to buy is the same piece that Chase gave Maggie for their anniversary in # 096.

A private residence in Brentwood, CA (Greater L.A.) poses as the mansion of the Bellini Vineyards.

Paolo Bellini was originally named Paolo Baldassari in the earliest script drafts.
In Paolo Bellini's house, the painting "Entrance to the Grand Canal from the Molo, Venice" (oil on canvas) by CANALETTO a.k.a. GIOVANNI ANTONIO CANAL (1697 - 1768) is on an easel.
Furthermore, the painting entitled "Philip, Lord Wharton" (1632; oil on canvas) by Flemish artist ANTHONY VAN DYCK (1599 - 1641) hangs on a wall in Paolo Bellini's house.
It is implied that Bellini's paintings are all originals. In real life, the originals of both aforementioned artworks are located at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.
Product placement: Richard mentions Aspirin, the medicine.
The establishing shot of San Francisco International Airport (filmed in northeastern direction) is stock footage from a film library. - This building has undergone major changes since an extensive remodeling in 1994.
Fictional entity: Maggie's flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles is operated by Con West airline.
The Con West terminal at San Francisco International Airport is actually a part of terminal 3 of the Los Angeles International Airport (see above for more details).

The curly haired blonde (an uncredited extra; compare above) is waiting at San Francisco International Airport in this episode. - Coincidence or rather negligent extras casting?
Compare # 169 for a list of the woman's appearances throughout the series.

Season time frame: It seems to be spring of 1986 because Melissa is bathing in the sun in her patio. Eric, however, states that a sun tan is hard to get this time of year.

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