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# 053 <3.13> No Trespassing
(revised 09/06/2021)
Season time frame: Some time must have gone by between the previous episode and this one. Melissa's pregnancy has now become obvious - her belly can be seen for the first time. The lawsuit between Chase and Angela must have taken a couple of weeks; everything else would be unrealistic for a lawsuit of that kind.
Inconsistency: Lance tells Vince Joseph's birthday will be soon. - Giving respect to Joseph being born at the beginning of August 1982 (compare # 025), and the current episode depicting events in September 1983 (see # 054), his statement must be wrong.
In the sneak preview, a close-up of Angela, Phillip and Lance heading towards the parking lot of the Tuscany County Courthouse is shown. - In the scene in the episode itself, however, a wide angle shot from a different point of view of that moment is shown.
In the usual process of making a movie or a TV show, scenes are shot at least twice - as a wide angle shot and in close-up, which bears the risk of inconsistencies. Compare # 001 (Gus in the Gioberti House) for the advantages and disadvantages of this shooting procedure.
The probate court annex of the Tuscany County Courthouse complex is portrayed by a new filming location because this episode is not filmed in the Wine Country. The pergola in this episode is on the premises of the Sierra Madre City Hall in Greater Los Angeles. The current photos of the building and pergola (second and third pictures) were kindly donated for this website by Captain MARILYN DIAZ and Corporal ESTHER DOYLE from the Sierra Madre Police Department.
Max Hartman, the Chairman of the County Board of Supervisors, is recast. He is now played by JOHN CARTER, having been portrayed by NED WILSON in earlier episodes (e.g. compare # 020).
Recasting was necessitated by NED WILSON's untimely death.

The light yellow Ford Pinto Runabout, a well known picture car, appears again - this time opposite in downtown Tuscany. Compare # 001 for details.


D. Brown Cleaners, a dry cleaning store in downtown Tuscany, is featured this episode. The little street in Tuscany has been known as Vineyard Avenue since # 013.
The filming site is the Savor the Flavor delicatessen store on Kersting Court in Sierra Madre, CA.


The black / beige Buick LeSabre, a well known picture car, appears again - this time next to Cole's Jeep CJ-5 in downtown Tuscany. Compare # 013 for details.


The filming location for the restaurant at the Tuscany Valley Inn (in early script drafts Martell's Restaurant) is what used to be a restaurant by the name Le Cellier in Santa Monica, CA.


Uncredited extra KATHRYN JANSSEN appears as the gray-haired lady from the Tuscany Valley again - this time as a patron at the restaurant of the Tuscany Valley Inn.
Compare # 215 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 021.

Uncredited extra WALTER M. SPEAR appears as the bald and bearded Tuscany Valley gentleman again - this time as a patron at the restaurant of the Tuscany Valley Inn, for the first time alongside the lady played by KATHRYN JANSSEN, his real-life partner (see above).
Compare # 124 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 048.
Among the patrons at the restaurant of the Tuscany Valley Inn is the curly haired blonde (played by an uncredited extra). Later this episode, that lady is at the polling station in the Tuscany County Building. It seems kind of surprising at first sight that she is there to vote because she was in pre-trial detention in # 041 and 045 and voting rights may be lost in California when someone is convicted of a major felony - either automatically by law (depending on the felony) or by specific judgment. The fact that she will serve as a juror in # 091 (see there) leads to the conclusion she must have been acquitted of whatever she had been charged with.
Compare # 169 for a list of the woman's appearances throughout the series.

When the police and Chase search Angela's study, it becomes apparent what is behind the small door to the north: a walk-in closet. - From season 5 on, there will be big pocket doors to the sun room right there (see # 099).

A vintner named Simon Whitaker is mentioned for the first time. - Inside joke: His last name is "borrowed" from CLAIRE WHITAKER, mother of executive story consultant ERNIE WALLENGREN; she will start writing for the series with # 061.
Early script drafts, in contrast, planned for a female character named Elisha Whittaker (sic!).

The establishing shot of San Francisco is a southeastern aerial view over Fisherman's Wharf with the piers 47 (in the foreground right) and 45 (in the foreground left) and Financial District as well as the Oakland Bay Bridge in the background.

Early script drafts suggested using Fred Tanner from # 027 as the Falcon Crest accountant again. Since actor JAMES STALEY was not available, the character was replaced with Sam (CRAIG SHREEVE).
One of the pictures in the accounting office is the same prop that was used in Chase's room at the Tuscany Valley Hospital at the beginning of this season.
For a previous use of this prop on LORIMAR's "Dallas", compare # 041.
Chase's office in the Tuscany County Building - this season, different from the one in the previous years, by the way - is room number 302.
Fictional entity: KCPY Radio 96 is a radio station in the Tuscany Valley.
The channel identification starting with the letter "K" indicates that the station is west of the Mississippi. Just as a side note, channel identifications east of the Mississippi begin with the letter "W" in the U.S.
A vinyl by the real Bloontz band is visible in the studio at KCPY.
This episode marks the first appearance of uncredited extra SHARRI ZAK. She is an American actress, who appeared as an extra in hundreds of episodes of various series, particulary in the 1980's. As an extra, she was not provided with wardrobe by the studio, but had to bring her own clothes for filming. SHARRI was known for owning an abundance of ball gowns and other elegant clothes, which often helped her be cast as a high society lady in all kinds of TV shows, including "Hart to Hart", (the classic) "Dynasty" and "Scarecrow and Mrs. King", just to name a few. One of her few rôles with an assigned character name, albeit it a non-speaking part, was Mary, the maid at the Weldon residence, on LORIMAR's "Flamingo Road" where she got in contact with many staff and crew members who later moved over to "Falcon Crest". Between season 3 and early year 8 of "Falcon Crest", she appeared in many episodes as a gray-haired Tuscany Valley socialite with a pony tail. Due to her professionalism, SHARRI ZAK was often given the liberty for direct interaction with the main cast in the background while many other extras were limited to a pure atmospheric presence with limited interaction within the group of extras. Particularly often, SHARRI will be seen talking to JANE WYMAN in the background of scenes.
Her first scene in this episode is as an ICU nurse at the Tuscany Valley Hospital (screen capture 1). Towards the end of this episode, she will be a guest at Chase's party in the Falcon Crest Winery Building (screen grab 2).
SHARRI ZAK will continue to play the same part in many following episodes. Compare # 202 for biographical details about her rôle and a list of appearances throughout the series.
Real-life allusion: Emma mentions SIGMUND FREUD again.
This episode's shots of downtown Tuscany, in particular of a non-defined church and a park, are from downtown Sierra Madre, CA. The church is actually Old North Church.

Uncredited extra JIM MELLMEN appears in this episode again as the tall, white-haired and mustached man - this time in downtown Tuscany.
Compare # 174 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 026.

Uncredited stand-in GORDON HODGINS appears as an extra again - this time in his usual rôle as a Tuscany Valley gentleman in downtown Tuscany.
Compare # 182 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about GORDON HODGINS, compare # 001.

It becomes obvious in this episode how difficult it is for the make-up department to cover LORENZO LAMAS' tattoos. The "make-up" on his right shoulder is partly darker, partly sort of glossy when he moves. - Check out # 047 for general information on his tattoos.

The filming location for the hallways of the Tuscany County Building are the interiors of Emerson Middle School in Los Angeles.
Negligent set dressing: In the close-up of Richard, the sign "Faculty Dining" is legible above the door. The crew forgot to replace the sign.
The tasting room in the Falcon Crest Winery Building in this episode (screen capture 3) looks different from the one seen in # 004 (screen grab 1). - It was probably renovated or it is a completely different room previously used for a different purpose.
The interior set of the tasting room is identical with the set used as the San Diego restaurant (Richard's meeting with Joel Sharp) in # 051 and 052 (screen capture 2); the set was simply redressed.
Wine columnist Jonathan Lake was originally called Abner Lake according to previous script drafts.
Not only does the photo of the Cooperage (actually the Inglenook Stone Chateau), which used to be in the wine lab (compare # 029), hang in the tasting room in the Falcon Crest Winery Building, but there is also a photo of the Gioberti Estate on the wall. It features approximately the center part of the comparison shot on the right. It was taken from the lower Gioberti House driveway (Stags' Leap Manor outside Napa, CA) in western direction.
Uncredited stand-in MARTHA MANOR appears as an extra again - this time as a guest at Chase's party in the Falcon Crest Winery Building. The actress is all herself this time with no specific make-up or wig.
Compare # 202 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about MARTHA MANOR, compare # 001.

Uncredited extra KEVIN TRACEY appears as the thick-eyebrowed Tuscany Valley gentleman again - this time as a guest at Chase's party in the Falcon Crest Winery Building.
Compare # 185 for a list of all his appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 001.


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