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# 018 <1.18> Ultimate Answers
(revised 06/07/2021)
Tentative titles:

  • Double Entendre — Part II
  • The Unveiling of Angie Channing — Part II
Season time frame: One week has gone by since the end of # 017 when the coroner's inquest continues after a recess.

Uncredited extra GAYLE FRANK continues to play the court stenographer during the inquest about Jason's death.
Compare # 215 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 017.

The Tuscany Valley bar where Jason usually hung out was the Cold Duck.
The filming location was an exterior set in the Doonevan Flats area at THE BURBANK STUDIOS (WARNER BROS. STUDIOS).
Inside joke: The exterior set was previously used on EARL HAMNER's old show, "The Waltons", as Ike Godsey's store. It used to be the gas station north of the lagoon on the WARNER BROS. STUDIOS backlot, but was torn down in the 1990's.
Labeling name: EARL HAMNER's choice of the first name for Richard Channing symbolizes Channing's power and strength as Richard (French origin) means "strong and hardy power". The character is mentioned for the first time this episode in lines of dialog foreshadowing his power and will appear in person in the following season première.
Giving respect to the height of the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion main tower, it is pretty unrealistic that Emma could easily climb down from the rooftop studio window — especially because she is suffering from acrophobia, as she will later mention in # 105.
Turner Bates was imprisoned in the Corwin County Jail for a while as it is mentioned during the inquest concerning Jason's death.
Strange: Shortly before Lance goes upstairs to see after Emma, Chao-Li wears a light blue sports coat in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion foyer. When Lance comes down the stairs again only minutes later, Chao-Li suddenly wears a black sports coat. Did he change that quickly?

Product placement: When Cole and Mario work on the irrigation pipe system, a cement mixer produced by the Essick company is featured.

Season time frame: The dates mentioned over the entire run of this season are more than confusing.
In the coroner's inquest about Jason Gioberti's death, the speaker of the jury says he died on "December 12, 1981". Inconsistency: Considering the weather conditions and the harvest taking place in # 004, the plot of the première (# 001) must have been a lot earlier, probably in the summer of 1981.
Giving respect to Gus' testimony in court this episode that Jason died on a Friday, and on the provision that at least the "12th" was correct, Jason's death must have occurred on June 12, 1981 since this was the only Friday in 1981 that was the 12th day of a month. There might have been an error when the speaker of the jury referred to December.
Provided there was a time gap of approximately two months in the plot of # 001 between Jason's funeral and the Giobertis' move from New York to Tuscany, which — giving respect to Chase terminating his job and the family getting ready for the new life — only seems logical, # 002 (according to Chase, shortly before the harvest) and # 004 (the harvest) most likely depict the events around the beginning of September 1981, which would match perfectly with the grape harvest, indeed. This seems to be early for the harvest, but the summer of 1981 was unusually hot, as Maggie will explain in # 127. This would also be in accordance with Julia's statement in # 006 that Jason has been dead for almost three months and the weather conditions — apparently still warm and sunny (Lance in the pool) — in that episode. All that would also match with Carl's congratulations on Chase's first six months in the valley in # 015, which means # 015 depicts the events around the mid-February 1982; this would be in accordance with the time of the year depicted therein (obviously spring with the vines not in bloom). Angela mentioning in that episode that it has been almost a year since Jason died, is extremely inaccurate because only about eight months have gone by since then.
Strangely enough, HARRY TOWNES (Jason Gioberti) receives no on-screen credit for the newly filmed flashback scenes and imaginary sequences (i.e. all scenes including him, which are not reused footage) in this episode.

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