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# 013 <1.13> The Candidate
(revised 11/08/2021)
Tentative title: Candidate.
The Tuscany County Building is actually a façade located on Midwestern Street (nowadays Midwest Street) on THE BURBANK STUDIOS backlot.
Tuscany County Building Directory:

  • County Farm Bureau
  • Department of Records
  • Department of Water and Power
  • Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Commissioners Office
  • Supervisors
  • Department of Parks and Recreation
  • County Clerk
  • Planning Commission
The hallway to Ed McKay's office in the Tuscany County Building is the same corridor as the one around the corner from which the security guard hears the gunshot. The interior set just underwent a minor redress, including a change in the fire extinguisher's position and the picture of ABRAHAM LINCOLN being replaced with one of GEORGE WASHINGTON. Even the position of the signs next to the doors on either side of the hallway are the same in both the original set and the redressed version.
Ed McKay's original last name was Brunswick in early script drafts.
Phil Eberhardt's original last name was Murdock in early script drafts.
Phil Eberhardt had bought vineyards on top of Skyler Road. Skyler Creek is nearby. Inside joke: Schuyler (pronounced exactly like Skyler), VA is EARL HAMNER's home town in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The establishing shot of San Francisco — a view from the corner Lombard Street at Hyde Street towards east (as on the screen grab) and later southeast — is stock footage from a film library.

The filming location for Carmack's Jewelry in San Francisco, the store where Emma is caught shoplifting, is situated on Wilshire Boulevard close to the corner of Westmoreland Avenue in downtown Los Angeles in real life.
Original script drafts called for Julia (instead of Emma) to be shoplifting at Crayton's Jewelry Store (which finally became Carmack's Jewelry).
Before the character of Mr. Carmack was developed, the writers planned to fill this part with his store manager by the name of Donald Blake.
The Protestant Church featured in this episode is actually the Church of the Angels (Episcopal) in Pasadena, CA.
In real life, due to severe damage to the belfry caused by the 1973 Point Mugu earthquake, the steeple had to be lowered for a few years while the church underwent major reconstruction. When "Falcon Crest" was filmed there, the steeple was still lowered. When all the damage was finally repaired, the belfry got back its previous height as shown in the current photo.
Episode time frame: The time from between Ed McKay's funeral (act 1) and the election of the new Tuscany County Board of Supervisors (episode finale) is three weeks.

The filming location for the reservoir in the Tuscany Valley foothills where Chase and Carl meet is the Upper Franklin Canyon Reservoir in Franklin Canyon in Beverly Hills, CA. The scene was shot west of the dam on Franklin Canyon Drive towards northeast.

Besides Carl Reed, Ed McKay and John Costello, two more County Board of Supervisors members, who do not appear this episode, are mentioned: Max Hartman, the Chairman, who will first appear in person in # 020, and William Johnson, who will never have an on-screen appearance.
There is obviously one of several Sheriff's offices, including a few cells, in the Tuscany County Building. The visitors room in the Tuscany County Building (where Maggie interviews Phil Eberhardt) is part of the permanent Sheriff's Department set at THE BURBANK STUDIOS (nowadays WARNER BROS. STUDIOS), which was used in # 006, too (compare there).
Chase's campaign headquarters next to a furniture store in downtown Tuscany were donated by Dave Mehlman, a person who has no on-screen appearance and will never be mentioned again.
The filming location is a business building on North Baldwin Avenue across from Kersting Court in Sierra Madre, CA (Greater Los Angeles).

Carl Reed drives a white 1980 Mercedes-Benz 240 D (type W123) now.

At his campaign headquarters, Chase has a phone conversation with a Tuscany Valley resident named Mrs. Zakarian. This character will never have an on-screen appearance on the show.
Inside joke: The unseen character is named after LORIMAR business affairs executive KATHLEEN ZAKARIAN-SNIDER.
Real-life allusion: Chase mentions WARREN G. HARDING, the 29th U.S. President (1865 – 1923).
Uncredited extra BENJIE BANCROFT plays an assistant at chase's campaign headquarters in this episode. He is visible in the background in a few scenes, but most prominently featured when he takes promotional photos of Chase.
Compare # 187 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 012.
Fictional entity: The Tuscany Valley Times is currently the valley's only daily newspaper.
Real-life allusion: Carmack mentions the Queen of England.
Phil Eberhardt is in room 15 at the Tuscany Valley Hospital.

Chase's campaign speech takes place near the bell tower on Vineyard Avenue in Tuscany. This is actually the bell tower on Kersting Court in downtown Sierra Madre, CA. That shopping street is across Chase's campaign headquarters (see above). All the other downtown Tuscany scenes in the current episode are filmed in that area.

Real-life allusion: Carl Reed mentions William Tell.
Fictional entity: Pinewood Savings & Loan is mentioned by Carl Reed. This is the Tuscany Valley based bank where Chase tried to get a loan in # 003.
Also, the United Pacific Bank in San Francisco is mentioned. Angie is on the board of directors of its corresponding bank in the Tuscany Valley, Pinewood Savings & Loan.
At his campaign headquarters, Chase kisses the baby son of a Tuscany Valley resident named Darlene Phillips. This character will never have an on-screen appearance on the show.
Near Chase's campagin headquarters, two noticeable picture cars are visible:
The one in the foreground marked yellow is the light yellow 1977 Ford Pinto Runabout known from # 001 (compare there, also for a list of other episodes where the vehicle is used).
The car marked red is a black / beige 1971 Buick LeSabre, which will appear in many more episodes (see # 021, 023, 025, 027, 033, 036, 041, 042, 043, 044, 053, 059, 060, 065, 067, 127, 136, 138, 179, 184, 210, 213 and 223). This car is also visible in a later scene in the current episode behind Chase in downtown Tuscany.
The poster entitled "Help!" designed in 1921 by DMITRY MOOR (1883 – 1946), a Russian artist noted for his propaganda posters, hangs on the wall left of the fireplace in the Spring House.
Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion exterior set — inconsistency: The wall Phil Eberhardt climbs up does not really resemble a part of the real Villa Miravalle (compare window and shingles), let alone the main tower. It is also very improbable that Phil could climb up the big eastern tower.
The filming location for the scene with Phil climbing up the tower is actually a corner of the second house on the left of the residential area of Midwestern Street (nowadays Midwest Street) on THE BURBANK STUDIOS (WARNER BROS. STUDIOS) backlot. This house is next door to Elizabeth Bradbury's (see # 011) and will be known as Nick Hogan's home in season 2. In the days of filming, it had wooden shingles on the façade; compare the second screen capture in the first row of pictures from "The Dukes of Hazzard", which is from that era — from the episode entitled "The Hazzardgate Tape" (# 091 <5.05>; original U.S. airdate: 10/22/1982, CBS). In contrast, the exteriors of the house are covered with horizontal wooden planks nowadays; see the second screen grab in the second row with a mark where Phil Eberhardt climbed up.
Early script drafts suggested different elements in the storylines:
  • A character by the name of Ellie, working in the district office, was planned to become the witness to Eberhardt's crime.
  • Removed from the final version was a scene with Chase showing Peter Burns compromising papers he received from Carl Reed, proving that Burns has gambling debts in Nevada, which causes Peter to withdraw from his candidacy. The writing staff felt that it was inappropriate for Chase's character to practically blackmail Peter so they dropped this idea.
  • Towards the episode's finale, it was initially Lance who was supposed to knock Eberhardt down to rescue Angie in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion. But the writers finally decided to give Chase some heroic qualities by having him talk Eberhardt out of his plans to kill Angie in the final version.
Fictional entity: KTNS is a radio station in the Tuscany Valley.
The channel identification starting with the letter "K" indicates that the station is west of the Mississippi. Just as a side note, channel identifications east of the Mississippi begin with the letter "W" in the U.S.
KTNS reporter Richard Carlisle's original name was Robert Stone in early script drafts.

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