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# 011 <1.11> For Love or Money
(revised 06/07/2021)
This episode is directed by FERNANDO LAMAS, LORENZO's father.
The episode intro with the aerial view of the Tuscany Valley shows hillside vineyards at La Perla, which is nowadays part of Spring Mountain Vineyard, west of Villa Miravalle. The clip was filmed during the shooting in the Wine Country for "The Vintage Years" already, but is used for the first time now.
In the current episode, only a part of a longer helicopter sequence is shown. The above screen captures show a compilation of elements from two episodes to illustrate the complete flight. The earliest segment of that helicopter flight will be used in the second version of the season 2 main title (between the cards of DAVID SELBY and BILLY R. MOSES — see screen grabs 1 and 2). The camera faces north first, then turns clockwise with a view towards St. Helena (east) and finally faces southeast.
Later segments from that same helicopter flight — an aerial view over Newton Vineyards — will be used as the episode intro of # 025 (compare there).
Lance's car is filmed driving along the same section of the road twice to create the illusion of a longer drive to Elizabeth Bradbury (Bradford in early script drafts). On the way back, the car is filmed driving along the same road three times, but now from the opposite direction.
The filming location for the Tuscany Valley country road is Franklin Canyon Drive in Franklin Canyon in Beverly Hills, CA.
License plate number of Lance's red Chevrolet Corvette Targa C3: 432 MEG. It had a different plate in # 008.
The milometer in Lance's Corvette says 31,215.8 (trip recorder: 675.7) during the last third of the drive to Elizabeth Bradbury's house. Shortly after starting to drive back to Falcon Crest, it says 31,215.9 on the milometer (675.8 on the trip recorder).
Elizabeth Bradbury's home is the first house on the left of the residential area of Midwestern Street (nowadays Midwest Street) on THE BURBANK STUDIOS backlot. In # 054, Cole and Linda will purchase exactly that bungalow.
Elizabeth Bradbury's character description in early script drafts said that she was three years younger than Angela, that Jason met her when he was 16 years old and that she was 18 when she was crippled after being run over by a car.
The final version of the episode abolished most of these references because the producers realized this would lead to inconsistencies in the other characters' backstories. The only information kept for the final episode was that Elizabeth was 18 years old when the automobile accident changed her life, that Jason parted with her after that and met Jacqueline shortly afterwards. From other episodes, it has been known that Jason and Jacqueline met and married in 1939. With Elizabeth's accident happening earlier that year, she must have been born in 1921, finally making her seven years younger than Angie (born 1914).
BETTYE ACKERMAN has an impeccable Italian pronunciation when she mentions the Gioberti name.
Real-life allusion: Lance mentions the Indy 500, the Indianapolis car race.
Angela presents photos of the Agretti Vineyards to Lance: The close-up of the first photo shows vineyards located south of the Gioberti House. The tree-lined main driveway to Falcon Crest can be seen in the background. This means that parts of the Agretti Vineyards must be a neighboring estate to the original 50 acres of Falcon Crest.
Editing mistake: Angela presents the next photo to Lance, but the close-up shows the first one again.
Carlo and Melissa Agretti, who appear for the first time this episode, were originally called Renaldi in an earlier script draft. The name change was recommended by the de Forest Research company for legal reasons since there were real persons in the San Francisco Bay Area by the same or a similar last name.
Agretti, by the way, is the Italian name for salsola soda a.k.a. opposite-leaved saltwort, a plant that is cultivated and enjoys considerable popularity in gourmet cuisine, particularly in Italy.
Labeling name: Melissa (Greek origin) means "honey bee". The character of Melissa Agretti will develop into a seductive and scheming young woman, who will not hesitate to use almost anything to get what she wants. Sweet seduction will be just one of her poisonous stings.
Lance claims not to know Melissa. Inconsistency: In season 6, it will be revealed he, Melissa and Dan Fixx were in the same high school; in season 8 (# 188) Lance will mention he and Melissa used to play together when they were kids and continued to see each other when they were teenagers.
According to earlier script drafts, the last name of Lance's girlfriend Lori from Sausalito was Stevens. It was changed to Chapman in the final version of the episode due to a recommendation from de Forest Research (see above: Renaldi / Agretti). Inconsistency: In season 2, however, her last name will be Stevens, as originally planned; compare # 023 for details.
From # 023 on, by the way, Lori will not be played by CINDY MORGAN anymore, but by MAGGIE COOPER.
CINDY MORGAN, however, will rejoin the cast in # 144 in a different rôle (Gabrielle Short).

The car forcing Lance's Chevrolet Corvette Targa C3 onto the shoulder of the road, which will finally result into his crashing the bike, is a black 1980 Chrysler Cordoba.

Mistake: The distance between Lori and her bike is much farther after Lance smashes it than in the following scene when she only goes two steps towards her bike.
LORENZO LAMAS and CINDY MORGAN are replaced by stunt doubles in the car / bike accident scene.
The filming location for the Pacific Coast Highway and the beach scenes with Lance and Lori near Sausalito is actually Leo Carrillo State Beach in Malibu, CA.
Lance did not like riding bicycles — at least he did not as a kid.
Illogical: The secret room Chase discovers in the Gioberti House this episode, should have been discovered earlier. According to Chase, it must be 9 feet long and approximately as spacious as the master bedroom. Therefore, it would have been obvious that there must be another room in the Gioberti House — on the northwestern corner behind the master bedroom (the turret room) in the upper floor (see yellow mark). Strangely enough, no windows were installed in the interior set of the secret room although there would have to be at least the one to the west. Were they walled up inside the house? It will also remain a mystery what happens to that room after this episode. The turret room will be the same as ever — with the door to the secret room will be walled up again. Maybe a new door to the secret room was installed from the hallway?
The close-ups of Lance and Lori in their beach scene were combined in the editing process. This becomes obvious because the rock in the background of both persons is identical although they are supposed to be sitting next to each other or across. Both actors sat in exactly the same place during the separate filming of their respective close-ups.
Compare # 001 (Gus in the Gioberti House) for the advantages and disadvantages of this shooting procedure.
Inside joke: The Gioberti Estate garage introduced in this episode — better visible in # 015 (second screen capture) — is an exterior set previously built for EARL HAMNER's old show, "The Waltons", on THE BURBANK STUDIOS (WARNER BROS.) backlot: the barn next to the Walton House. In 1991, the complete Walton set burnt down in an electrical fire. It was rebuilt for the later reunions of "The Waltons" at the nearby WARNER BROS. RANCH.

The filming location for the Falcon Crest pond where Lance and Lori are riding on horsebacks is Heavenly Pond in Franklin Canyon in Beverly Hills, CA.

CARLOS ROMERO speaks his character's lines with a very strong Italian accent. This is a deliberate decision to emphasize Carlo Agretti's Italian origin. The actor usually speaks impeccable American English in other parts.
Melissa Agretti is played by DOLORES CANTU (misspelled "Delores" in the end credits) this episode, but will be recast in # 014.
Post-production mistake: For Chase and Maggie's drive to Elizabeth Bradbury, the editors reuse footage from their Ford LTD Country Squire from # 001. This is apparently wrong in two respects: First, because this clip shows the driveway to the Gioberti Estate, not going away from there; secondly, because the car still has the old New York license plate in that clip (compare # 009 for the Californian plate).
Mistake: In the farewell scene between Lance and Lori, the close-ups of them are from various takes that were combined in the editing process. This becomes apparent because Lori's hand is not in the frame in one moment (filmed towards Lance), but touches Lance's cheek in the next moment (filmed towards Lori).
In the usual process of making a movie or a TV show, close-up scenes with actors facing each other are filmed multiple times, at least twice; the whole scene is usually filmed as a close-up of the one actor, then as a close-up of the other actor. The primary aim is to catch the mimic art of the actor facing the camera. The other actor, whose back is turned towards the camera lens, is only important as far as the gestures are concerned. In that process, the actors, therefore, have to play the same scene at least twice, using the very same gestures and mimic art. Slight differences in their gesture may occur sometimes although this is to be prevented. But this is exactly what happened with Lori's hand in this scene. Compare # 001 (Gus in the Gioberti House) for the advantages and disadvantages of this shooting procedure.
Basically the same mistake happens only seconds later when Lance looks over his shoulder in one frame, but straight forward in the following frame filmed from across.
Strangely enough, HARRY TOWNES (Jason Gioberti) receives no on-screen credit for the newly taped audio sequence — his voice can be heard on a cassette — in this episode.

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