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# 010 <1.10> Victims
(revised 12/04/2018)
Tentative title: The Victims.
Original script drafts called for a character by the name of Lawrence Chisholm as Angela's personal lawyer — in contrast to Phillip Erickson as her attorney for her business affairs in connection with Falcon Crest. This idea was dropped.
Editing mistake: When Chase arrives near the arguing workers, the hood of his jeep is right next to the back of the blue pickup truck. The next frame, however, shows Chase's jeep coming near the blue pickup truck from some distance.
The filming location for the dirt road near the workers' quarters at the Gioberti Estate is actually on the grounds of what used to be Brookside Winery (previously Italian Vineyard Company / Guasti Winery) in Ontario, CA.
Actor HECTOR M. MORALES was originally cast in the small rôle of Manuel, the picker blackmailed by Julio. Although he was never photographed, he received payment. The part finally went to BERT SANTOS.
Julio Delgado was named Carlos D. in early script drafts.
Angela goes to the opera in San Francisco to see RICHARD WAGNER's "Ring Cycle", i.e. "The Ring of the Nibelung".
The forest clearing in the Tuscany Valley where Vickie and Mario kiss in the car and the Nuñez garage and driveway are actually filmed at the same location near the Hideaway in Kagel Canyon in Sylmar, CA (the corner of Market Trail and Spring Trail).

The dirt road at the Gioberti Estate where Maggie finds Emma is actually Franklin Canyon in Beverly Hills, CA.

Maggie mentions La Choza's, a Mexican restaurant in the Tuscany Valley, which will never be seen on the show though.

License plate number of Mario's brown 1970 Chevrolet Nova: 658 QJB — the same number as on the car of one of the people who were after Paul Salinger (# 002) and as on Carl Reed's car (# 003).

The little cabin where Esperanza and her family live in the Tuscany Valley is actually part of the workers' quarter at the former Brookside Winery (previously Italian Vineyard Company / Guasti Winery) in Ontario, CA.
For more details about that filming location, compare previous entries, particularly # 001.
Actress ARACELI REY was originally cast in the rôle of Esperanza's grandmother.
She was recast on short notice, and the part finally went to MARIA ESPERANZA.
The interior set of the Gioberti House kitchen has changed: From this episode on, there is a back door in the kitchen.

Gus drives a white 1957 Ford F-100 pickup truck.

The filming location for the parking lot where Mario confronts Julio is on the grounds of the former Brookside Winery (previously Italian Vineyard Company / Guasti Winery) in Ontario, CA.
Is is apparently Julio's place of work in the Tuscany Valley. The signage on the building in the background reads American Industries Company — Sugar Plant No. 1. It was a real suger refinery at the time which had rented facilites on the grounds of Brookside (Guasti) Winery.
Inside joke: When Emma lists the possible first names for her baby starting with "L", she grins and mentions "Lorenzo".
The filming location for the car chase (Mario and Julio with his gang) is the corner of Franklin Canyon Drive and Lake Drive in Franklin Canyon in Beverly Hills, CA.

License plate number of Julio Delgado's blue 1965 Dodge D-series pickup truck: F841663.


License plate number of the Hispanic workers' white 1971 Ford L-9000 truck: S235671.


The filming location for the Falcon Crest Winery Building interiors is one of the buildings on the premises of the former Brookside Winery (previously Italian Vineyard Company / Guasti Winery) in Ontario, CA (compare # 001).


Contrary to the small building in # 004, the entrance of the Tuscany Valley Hospital featured this episode is part of the building complex of the previous Ontario Community Hospital (nowadays Kindred Hospital Ontario) in Ontario, CA in real life.

Emma's doctor, whose name — Dr. Howell — will be mentioned in # 019 for the first time, was originally called Dr. Maynard in early production documents; that name, however, was never mentioned on the show.

When Julio is caught by Chase in front of the Hideaway, A MARTINEZ is replaced by a stunt double.


The second patrol car in front of the Hideaway (behind Sheriff Tobias' vehicle) is also a 1981 Dodge Diplomat.

Emma's bed in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion rooftop studio was rotated one quarter-turn clockwise for this episode only. Compare the left screen capture from # 006.
Early script drafts included Alicia (SILVANA GALLARDO), but mainly for atmosphere purposes. During production, the actress was notified not to come in for shooting as she was written out of that script on short notice. She got paid though.

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