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# 006 <1.06> Kindred Spirits
(revised 11/02/2020)
Tentative title: Kindred Spirits and Betrayals.
The original story outline was devised by KATHARYN POWERS, who was taken off the assignment later and not paid because she did not write the script. It was written by JUDY MERL and PAUL ERIC MYERS in association with GARNER SIMMONS. He, however, was unhappy about the many changes in his contribution in the end so that he requested his writing credit be taken off.
Early script drafts suggested that the episode opener be Jim Ruddick's funeral at the Tuscany Valley Public Cemetery, with Angela in attendance. The final version of the episode featured Angela returning from that funeral to Falcon Crest in the first scene.

VICTORIA HILBERT, LORENZO LAMAS' wife in those days, portrays Lance's friend in the pool scene.


The Falcon Crest Stables pickup truck taking Lance, Cole and Chase to Rimrock Canyon is a 1973 Ford F-Series.


Rimrock Canyon is portrayed by various filming locations. The ravine and mountain terrain is filmed in Bronson Canyon in Hollywood, CA.

The Hayden Clinic is mentioned for the first time (compare # 014 for details). The original name was Dandridge Clinic in early script drafts.
Scenic art: For the first time, more details of the backdrop behind the southern window in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion living room (the odd oriel; compare # 001 for architectural details) are clearly visible. The backdrop (background picture, also informally called backing) is a huge matte painting created by the art department and placed on the sound stage behind the interior set to create the illusion of exteriors in terms of a natural environment.
This painting, however, does not resemble the surroundings of the Mansion too well. From that perspective, you would rather see a small foresty area. A terraced vineyard would have to be further to the right and out of the camera angle from that point of view.

This is the only episode with an appearance of Emma's little white dog, a Bichon Frisé. His name, Oscar, is not mentioned in the final version of the episode, but was stated in scenes omitted during the editing process.
Writers' original plans called for a Dachshund, by the way, not a Bichon Frisé.

The chorus performed by Emma is from a "valse-musette" (a specific French waltz) entitled "Ah! Le Petit Vin Blanc" ("Oh! The Little White Wine") — music by CHARLES BOREL-CLERC; lyrics by JEAN DRÉJAC.
Real-life allusion: Emma mentions British poets ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING (1806 – 1871) and ROBERT BROWNING (1812 – 1889).
The flashback with Jason showing the Spring House to little Emma for the first time was originally a longer sequence. It also showed the cornerstone with the inscription "For My Emma — With Love — JG [Jason Gioberti], 1963". This part was removed from the final version of the episode, also because the writers went for a different backstory of the Spring House history; it will be revealed in # 016 that Jason built it in 1952.

When Lance and Cole fall off their horses, LORENZO LAMAS and BILLY R. MOSES are replaced by stunt doubles.


Oddly enough, Angela's Mercedes-Benz 600 has no front license plate in the scene when the car turns into the Gioberti Estate driveway whereas it has one in other episodes.
A part of this scene, by the way, is the segment that made it to this season's main title right before JANE WYMAN's picture.

A poster with an artwork by SONIA DELAUNAY (1885 – 1979), a French-Russian artist, can be seen in the Spring House. The poster promotes the artist's exhibition at Aberbach Fine Art in New York between January and February 1974.
The other filming locations for Rimrock Canyon are the jungle near the lagoon on the backlot of THE BURBANK STUDIOS / WARNER BROS. STUDIOS (campfire — night scene) and the Malibu Creek State Park (previously Fox Ranch) in Malibu Canyon (Lance's expedition of the undeveloped land).

The cabin where Lance tries to get help for Cole is identical with the one from # 005 where Julia, Tony and Lance spent the night at the lake — the lakeside cabin at the jungle at THE BURBANK STUDIOS.

Early script drafts called for Lance to be seduced by Jenny Caulkins, to have sex with her and to be caught red-handed by her husband, Lloyd. The final version, however, was changed to Lance simply falling asleep in Jenny's bed and Lloyd falsely assuming that his wife was seduced by Lance.

The interiors of the Sheriff's Department near Rimrock Canyon where Cole fell off the horse used to be a permanent set at THE BURBANK STUDIOS (nowadays WARNER BROS. STUDIOS), which was also used for various other productions, including LORIMAR's "Flamingo Road".

Sheriff McAuley (near Rimrock Canyon) was named McCauley in early script drafts.
A framed poster of the New York Art Deco Exposition in the RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL is at the Spring House. The event took part between January 30 and February 2, 1975. The poster was designed by U.S. American artist DAVID EDWARD BYRD (* 1941).

The helicopter rescuing Cole is a Bell 206 Jet Ranger.


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