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Next regular site update:

Feb 11, 2019.


Jan 8, 2019:


Relaunch of our Behind the Scenes section:
We are going episodic with this update...
Due to the increasing number of entries per season, which often took a long time to load the site, we decided to divide each season in episodic sub-sites. From now on, you will find all the background information organized per episode. We also included links to the previous episode and the next episode at the bottom of each episode so you can go back and forth quickly. We also added a Google Custom Search bar at the bottom so you can search our website easily.
If you want to access a specific episode directly (without clicking on a seasonal list of episodes), you can use the usual seasonal URL to the Behind the Scenes section and simply add a slash plus the three-digit episode number (as in the total count of episodes, not in a season-wise count), e.g. if you want to go to # 098, simply add "/098" to the usual link like this: http://www.falconcrest.org/english/master.php?path=show/episodes/ai/bts/4/098
We hope you will enjoy these improvements.


Site Update:

  • Scripts: # 136 added to the Chao-Li Chi Memorial Library
  • Behind the Scenes information updated again:
    • The Vintage Years:
      • filming locations: scenes at arbor and gazebo combined with vineyard panorama; filming location for the Gioberti Family Cemetery; deleted scene: Chase at the Nuñez Cottage
    • Season 1:
      • General Information - Pormises (unproduced episode) originally assigned to director GWEN ARNER
      • # 009 - original director assignment
    • Season 6:
      • # 132 - early script drafts: original names for Ragabshi and for River Road
      • # 134 - early script drafts: Stavros Chemical plant in Long Beach, CA
      • # 135 - early script drafts: original name for Dr. Kern; product placement: The Wall Street Journal; Meredith's job interview
      • # 137 - "After Surgery" poem written by CLAIRE WHITAKER
      • # 139 - early script drafts: original name for Jack North
      • # 141 - early script drafts: original name for Jack, Richard's security guard; Garth's background
      • # 142 - scene with Peter and his servant looped; historic allusion: CLARENCE DARROW
      • # 143 - Stavros Villa set - inconsistency
      • # 145 - early script drafts: Bellini Winery; product placement: Cuisinart
      • # 149 - early script drafts: scene with Kit at Bay City Chemical Supplies; product placement: Bullwinkle
      • # 153 - "Let's Scamper Together"
      • # 154 - edited scene: Meredith's sarcastic remark at San Francisco International Airport
    • Season 7:
      • # 157 - embarrassing prop: Nicole's business card; early script drafts: original name for Ryder
      • # 158 - early script drafts: original name for Mary; original names for Courseault Chemicals board members
      • # 159 - product placement: Tupperware
      • # 160 - early script drafts: original name for Magnum Development Corporation
      • # 161 - Cole's stepdaughter's name
      • # 162 - early script drafts: Alison's ex-husband's name
      • # 163 - early script drafts: Maggie's phone conversation with Richard during his "house arrest" at Travis' place; original name for Certified Bank of Duluth
      • # 164 - early script drafts: original last name for Liz and Eddie; "Bad Moon Rising" as music during Melissa's farewell party at The Max
      • # 165 - early script drafts: Liz's deceased ex-boyfriend; original last name for Ito
  • Production Data: season 1 updated again
  • Location Database: The Vintage Years updated again
  • Filming Locations - Movie Studios section opened with many blueprints and director's floor plans of the sets


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